The Modern Day Busy Goddess

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The morning beauty ritual of a busy mum can sound kind of like a trick question. Is there one? Do you mean the smear of porridge across one cheek from a toddler during breakfast? Or the froth of coffee on your lips, be it yours or your husbands as you both kiss & leave for work? Or perhaps you’re commenting on the hurried foundation effort underneath the eyes in an attempt to cover up a lack of sleep?

Yes, being a mother is tough. SJP’s rendition in ‘I Don’t Know How She Does It’ reflects the sheer chaos that often ensues with the relentless juggling act mother’s attempt on a daily basis. And for that reason it’s not surprising that personal time is sometimes the first to suffer. Things like sleep, fitness, diet or grooming can sometimes deteriorate in an attempt to stretch ourselves across all our daily tasks and responsibilities. So how do we ensure that we give ourselves those precious moments to maintain ourselves and still do everything else?

It’s a very different approach to beauty at this life stage. Gone are the days of teenage girls doing facemasks and giving each other manicures to look good for a date. The young, single girl days of bi-weekly or monthly beauty appointments become more limited. Now there’s barely time to cleanse off the make up before you fall into bed.

At Naked Tan we want to better know our clients and their needs. We understand life is busy and so we truly seek to provide high quality products that work for women so they can get on with their lives, but we also believe in providing an indulgent beauty experience to give women a moment of time to feel beautiful again.

So, to all those busy women out there we ask, is there a solution you know of? What can beauty companies, like us, be doing for you to assist in your beauty regime?

Is it fast working and results you need from a tanning product?… we are the pioneers in specialising in the rapid 2hr wash and wear tans- try a Naked Tan spray tan at one of the many salon destinations listed on our website or if you’re a DIY type of girl, try our GODDESS BRONZE self tan cream.

What about products that are 2 in 1 to maintain and achieve quality results at the same time as delivering results in a one application product rather than in 2 separate applications/products- sounds cost effective too- try Naked Tan 2 in 1 self tan Mousse.

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We are always looking at ways to make your life simpler and more beautiful!


Image source: carmeliaray