My Favourite Accessory: A Spray Tan

Home-Remedies-For-Glowing-Skin-285x300For even the most fashion savvy girl accessories can be a little daunting. How much is too much? Coco Chanel always insisted take one thing off before you leave the house, but how many does that leave? 2? 4? None?
I have a friend who is an accessories queen. She’s the manager of a cosmetic jewellery store and never leaves the house without half a dozen shiny bangles up one arm. She’s vibrant. She’s loud. It totally suits her. But I feel overdressed in more than two or three pieces at a time. Should we wear accessories in accordance with our personality or mood? And then what happens if you have a colourful dress? Is it only ok if your shoes are plain? How many colours can you have in one outfit?

It all gets a bit much. The rules always change. So over the years and the failed attempts at the 90’s butterfly clips, the 00’s bandana and 10’s mile long shaggy scarves I’ve come to the realization that the only accessory I really love every day is a spray tan. Certainly there are accessories that I wear most days (like my ocean jasper ring) but without fail my favourite accessory is my Naked Tan spray tan.

It smooths over uneven pigmentation delivering even, caramel tone that makes me look like a socialite who just returned from Cannes, even if I’ve had a week of late nights to meet a deadline. It slims, which is perfect for those occasional splurge moments or a fat day. Add a pair of heels and some shimmer cream to contour and damn those spray tanned legs have never looked so good!

Most importantly it’s a little boost of confidence when I’m feeling pale or having a bikini shy moment. The delicious ‘I’m a tropical island goddess’ scent and hydrating aloe vera always lift my mood.

And the best part of all?! My spray tan goes with everything. I’ve never put on an outfit and thought ‘oh this wouldn’t go with my tan.’ It’s the ultimate party, beach, lunch with the girls, hot date addition. That’s why a spray tan is my favourite accessory.



Image Source: stylenews