The incredible beauty vlogger Chloe Morello is our April Goddess of the month!

ChloeNTWith more than 600,000 subscribers on her beauty channel on YouTube, and more than 200,000 followers on Facebook and Instagram, Chloe Morello is one of, if not the best, beauty vlogger of her generation.

Makeup and skin care products don’t have any secrets for her.

Naked Tan decided to put its own products under Chloe’s microscope to get this incredible beauty Goddess’ feedback.

NT: On YouTube it is written that you have joined on the 5th March 2012- 2 years ago. How did you get the idea to start a Beauty Vlog?

I have been watching Youtube beauty videos since 2006 but none of the vloggers were from Australia.

I started to upload videos in 2011 to be precise, when I was living in Batemans Bay – my home town. I left my hometown to live in Canberra to try make myself some kind of career. I started working at the crematorium there. Even though I actually loved working there, I realised I liked posting beauty tutorials even more and I could make a living with these videos. So when I left Canberra to move to Sydney in 2013 I really put my all into it and the videos started to kick off. I was attending more events, meeting other bloggers, and was able to work on my content full time so I started to gain more followers.

NT: You attended the first Australian YouTube convention, Vid Inc, last year. What was it like to be able to connect with other youtubers, like yourself, and be able to meet your loyal viewers?

Attending this event was absolutely amazing. I was able to meet with many famous Youtubers, much more well known than me. But I most loved meeting with my followers and having a chat and taking photos, that’s always the most fun.

The good thing about making videos is that because you feel so close to your followers, you really open up to them, they already know who you are. It’s easier when you meet them because they know you already!

I have also attended the IMATS last year in Sydney (International Makeup artist trade show) and plan on attending the next one in September. I love to attend this trade show as I can meet with professional make-up artists, all the bloggers go to this event, as do our followers. It’s the best time to meet my followers and I really feel comfortable in this kind of environment.

Chloe-Morello2NT: You regularly upload tutorials and other beauty videos onto YouTube, how do you get your ideas and inspiration for these videos?

I usually get my ideas by listening to what my followers want, watching out for the current trends, seasons, new products launches, reading fashion magazines… There’s actually too much choice on what to post!


I have to make decisions quickly as I try to do my best to upload 2 videos a week.

My followers are also a great inspiration and give me amazing advice.

For example, one day, one of my Saudi Arabian followers on instagram asked me to create a make-up tutorial for women wearing hijabs and I decided to do it. This video was so popular and got more comments and likes than ANY of my videos on my whole channel before that!

NT: You are a real beauty phenomenon. How many beauty products do you review every week?

To be honest I don’t even know. I do have a lot of make-up though! As long as I like it, I use it and share my ideas with my followers.

I mainly only use make-up and tanning products.

I love high end makeup, but also try not to use too much of it as I know my followers don’t really want to spend their whole wage in make-up like me!  I try to mix it up sometimes.

NT: Naked Tan’s vision is to ‘Inspire and Empower women’ by providing them with the best tanning products that will make them glow. What is your own vision?

My vision would be pretty similar to Naked Tan’s. My goal is to empower women with knowledge and confidence. Not only about make-up, but helping them to have a better approach to beauty in general.

I feel like too many women tend to hide behind their make-up and are just not confident.

That’s what I would like to change. To help women to take control of their look and the way they feel.

That’s why I always start my tutorials without make-up, to show to my followers that we all look the same without make-up, but that it’s a fun process to use the products.

NT: What is your morning beauty routine? And how would you incorporate Naked Tan products into this?

I would actually start in the evening by applying the Naked Tan Goddess Glaze and leave it overnight.

In the morning, I would shower with the Body Cleanser and then moisturise with the Crème de la crème.

After my body is ready, I can then put my make-up on!

NT: Which Naked Tan products do you use? Do you have any favourites?

I really like the Crème de la Crème because I find that moisturize your skin helps the tan to last longer. I also love the scent of this product, it’s amazing.

Of course, I exfoliate before a spray tan but also a little bit a few days after. I usually exfoliate softly under my arm pits first to get rid of some little patchiness that can occur after a few days.

Finally, I love to use the Goddess Glaze few days after my spray-tan as a top up for my face.

Face always fades quicker than the rest of my body because its cleansed so often and I use makeup remover etc. The Goddess Glaze is perfect to make your tan last longer.

However, from all Naked Tan products, the mousse is my favourite as I just feel like it’s such an easy product to use. I also love the colour on my skin.

NT: Would you have a Naked Tan tanning tip to share with your followers?

I would recommend to always tan in front of a full length mirror. Doing that you will make sure you don’t miss any spots!

Also, for girls that have a paler chest like me, I would recommend to apply 2 coats, just to make sure that your chest is as tanned as the rest of your body.


Thank you Chloe, you are definitely an amazing Goddess!


How to Keep Your Summer Tan All Year Round with Naked Tan

Goddess-summer-packWould you love to know how to keep your Naked Tan spray tan looking amazing during autumn and the chilly winter months?

Well with the help of a few simple steps you will be able to step out looking tanned and fantastic even in the middle of winter!

–          Always scrub your body the day before you have your spray tan with a good quality scrub; as this will remove any dirt from the day while still keeping your tan looking fresh and new.

–          Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise! This is the best way for you to keep your tan looking fresh, healthy and glowing during the cold winter months. The more you moisturise and keep your skin hydrated the slower your skin will peel allowing the tan to stay on your skin longer.

–          Keep hydrated. The more water you drink the more hydrated your skin will be and the more natural your tan will look.

–          Bronzer will become your new best friend. To achieve the bronzed summer glow in winter always apply bronzer to your body, but remember to keep it as natural as possible as you don’t want to look unnaturally dark!

–          Keep that summer glow throughout the cold winter months and use a shimmer to keep looking like a bronzed goddess throughout the winter time, your friends will be asking you when you went for a holiday to a tropical island!

–          Bright is brilliant! Try to wear colours like bright corals, pastels and whites which will make your tan pop and you will be glowing amongst the dark coloured clothes around you.

The Naked Tan Goddess Summer Pack (as Pictured) is ideal to use to keep your summer tan looking fresh and fabulous all year round!

This pack includes our Naked Tan Body Cleanser, a Goddess Bronze and a Goddess Shimmer.

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