Naked Tan has now launched its new Goddess Retail Line!

Last Tuesday 23rd of September, Naked Tan launched its brand new Goddess Retail Line at a media breakfast event at Pier One Hotel, Sydney.


The event has been attended by beauty editors of Australia’s biggest magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Marie-Claire, Cleo and Harper’s Bazaar to name a few and beauty bloggers such as Eleanor Pendleton or Ruby Golani.

Guests were able to assist to Lea Taylor’s new retail line presentation but also to stop by Celebrity Fashion Stylist Donny Galella for a fashion makeover to unleash their inner Goddess.



The new Goddess Retail Range includes 7 products with 3 easy to follow categories:

Prepare, Tan and Maintain.

Each product has a very specific role in providing a natural and flawless tan to every Naked Tan customers.


The Goddess Body Cleanser and Goddess Body Exfoliator have been specifically designed to prepare the skin for tanning. They cleanse and exfoliate to obtain a flawless tan.

The Goddess Gradual Tan moisturisers the skin whilst providing pale skin tones a soft natural glow.

Goddess Self Tan and Goddess Bronzing Mousse can be used when DSC_0136not having enough time to book a spray tan, when going on holidays, or just for home tanner lovers.

Enriched with Shea Butter and Aloe Vera, Goddess Crème de la Crème is a nourishing body butter that will make your tan last longer.

The newest edition and latest release is the launch of Goddess Instant Tan. For those times when you can’t even develop a fast tan. One coat of Instant Tan and you will achieve instant results in minutes!DSC_9999

New Goddess Retail Line is now available for pre-orders at or at 1300 365 683.

Naked Tan September Goddess of the month is the stunning Laura Wells!

Full time plus size model for over 6 years with BGM Models, Laura Wells is this type of woman everyone thinks of being the definition of an absolute goddess.

Recently seen in the fashion pages of Cosmopolitan, modelling for brands such as American Eagle or Swimsuit for all and on the cover of Spanish Yo Magazine, Laura has given Naked Tan some of her precious time to answer a few questions and get us to know why she is a true goddess!

You are BGM Models superstar


modelling for international magazine covers and fashion brands. How did it all start?

I fell into modeling. It was never a dream or a passion. It was originally my younger sisters profession. She was a straight size size 8 model who had worked for some of the biggest brands in Australia and overseas. While i was in New York with her I was approached a few times and asked if I was a plus size model. I had no idea plus modeling existed let alone did I want to be one. I was studying a science degree and a law degree at the time and could think of nothing else but becoming a scientist and wearing a lab coat. Not exactly a fashion statement!

Once I returned back to Australia I was approached again and it was my mum that told me to ring the agency BGM Models. I had a meeting and was signed and started working a few weeks later. It wasn’t until I finished my degrees though that I started modelling full time as I had the time to give it a go.

You are helping to raise awareness for a positive image of women’s bodies in magazines. Do you think that people’s vision of the ‘perfect bikini body’ has changed?

Yes definitely! You can see that the change has started in the media as more and more plus size models are seen in covers and fashion stories. Super skinny models are not always what people want to see in media anymore. We’re coming back to the curvaceous model like we used to in the 60’s and 70’s which portrays a more healthy representation of society.

You will be staring in the documentary ‘A Perfect 14’ which aims to reshape the fashion industry and the views of society on women’s body. How do you feel that this will bring both the media and the general public’s attention to the issue of what the size of a model should be?


This documentary is fabulous because it will highlight some parts of the industry that we are working on. People usually have a wrong idea of a plus size model thinking of an extra large shape when in face plus models are actually average sized women. There is a huge disparity between what a plus size model is within the industry and what a plus size person is in reality.

Your body was used to be the model for the lingerie mannequins in the department stores of Myer and David Jones. How was this experience for you?

This was so much fun! They took photos and measurements of my body to create a more realistic size mannequin for lingerie. A larger more curvaceous woman’s shape to accurately portray the lingerie they are selling! It was a little surreal to be standing next to a mannequin that is exactly like me.

Do you have any advice for someone wanting to get into the modelling industry but lacking of confidence?

When I started modelling I wasn’t overly confident with my body and shape, however as I worked more I began to see how I moved, what looked good and grow to love my body for what it could do. You really need to be confident in your body if you want to become a model or you won’t be able to sell garments as this is seen in your expression. Photos are the reflection of the way you feel. If you feel beautiful, photos will be beautiful.

Also, practising definitely helps. By practising, you’ll find out what poses look best, you’ll end up knowing your body shape and be confident in front of a crew full of people you don’t know!

Do you have any role model, someone that inspires you?

David Attenborough! I love his work and how he fights to increase awareness about the environment.

I am involved with Green Peace and have worked with them on a few campaigns. Environment is a priority for me. I have an Environmental Science degree and a huge passion for nature. My boyfriend and I actually run our own environmental group in Cronulla called The Ocean Ambassadors. We do beach clean ups every Sunday in Cronulla to remove litter and plastic off the beach so it doesn’t enter the ocean.

Do you have any special routine before a photo shoot?

I usually have a spray-tan before a photo shoot to make sure I have beautiful bronzed skin as I do a lot of swimwear and lingerie work. I moisturise every day and drink plenty of water to keep hydrated and make sure my skin is in the best condition.

I also make sure I’ve got clean hair, have a manicure & pedicure and pack my model bag with necessities for the day ahead!

What did you think of your first Naked Tan spray tan experience?

I absolutely loved it. It is definitely the best colour I’ve ever had! Usually, photographers are not big fans of spray tans as they think it makes the model’s skin look orange. Naked Tan comes up beautifully on screen and gives a really nice natural glow.

What is your favourite Naked Tan retail product?

I love the Body scrub! I love the fact that the scrub is made of Walnut shell and does not contain micro-beads, plastic ingredients like some other body scrub. Plus it smells amazing!


September Goddess of the Month Claire Parker

Meet Claire Parker, 24 year old model and actor from Sydney, Australia. A rising star that has taken 2015 by the horns. She recently competed in the 2015 Antler Miss Universe Australia competition and has just been crowned Miss Grand Australia 2015. She is ambitious, savvy, fun and most importantly a down to earth – lover of life. We sat down and had a chat with Claire to get a snippet into her life, what motivates her and to get some advice on how to crack the modelling world!

1) How would your best friend describe you?

I’d say my best friends would describe me as a big goof ball haha! That I’m the kind of person who’s always up for an adventure, always smiling and though I work hard and have big dreams, I never take life or myself too seriously. I have a big heart and always look out for the people I love and I’m weirdly obsessed with cats! Hahaha!

2) When do you feel most confident?

When I’m looking and feeling my best and feel prepared for the situation I’m in. There’s nothing worse than being thrown in the deep end and feeling completely unprepared for what lies ahead!

3) You recently competed in the Antler Miss Universe Australia 2015 contest – what was the one thing you walked away from learning about yourself?

This was the second time I’d competed for the Miss Universe Australia crown (the first was in 2011), and I think the most important thing I learned was to just have fun with it and not take it too seriously. I know I can sometimes get so set on things it’s hard to step back and look at situations objectively, but just being realistic about the competition and knowing that while only one girl will win, there’s still so many amazing opportunities and experienced that can be gained from partaking made it a much more enjoyable experience for me!

4) How did you control your nerves in such a publicized event like that?

To be honest I’ve always loved being on stage and being in the spotlight haha I was apparently a very attention seeking child! So I really love getting on stage and performing! The thing is in competitions like that, you only really get one chance while you’re on the stage to show the audience and the judges who you are, so despite how nervous you may be, you’ve just got to push it aside and give it all you’ve got! Fake it til you make it!

5) You are in such great shape and have a beautiful glow about you. What’s your day to day routine with diet and exercise and what are some tips you can give the Naked Tan girls about how to maintain a healthy diet?

Thank you so much! I think it’s important to be realistic about what is and isn’t achievable in terms of diet and exercise and not try to be too strict on yourself or you won’t be able to maintain it! I am an ambassador for F45 training in Sydney so I train there 4-5 times a week which keeps me really fit and strong, plus the workouts are only 45 minutes long so you get in, smash it out, get out and continue with your day! I really thrive on sunshine and fresh air too, especially now that spring has begun! So I like to go for walks as often as I can, I find them very therapeutic and help keep my mind clear and focused! As far as diet, I try to keep it roughly 80/20 of good foods and ‘naughty’ foods. I am admittedly extremely in love with ice cream so it’s not unheard of for me to splurge on that from time to time! I figure all things in moderation, as long as you’re predominantly eating healthy and staying active there’s no harm in treating yourself sometimes, life is meant to be enjoyed after all!

6) To those wanting to break into the modelling world – what’s the one piece of advice you would give them?

Persevere, persevere, persevere. The Modelling industry is very ruthless and you will hear ‘no’ more times than you hear ‘yes’, I guarantee it. If you give up after your first ‘no’ you are guaranteed never to get anywhere, you just have to shrug it off and keep trying. I was modelling freelance for 5 years before I signed with my agency now and over the course of that time, had 3 separate interviews with them before they decided to sign me. The girls who get scouted on the street and become overnight sensations are one in a million and everyone else is grinding hard day in, day out to make it, so never give up because ultimately hard work is what pays off.

7) When do you wear fake tan and why do you wear it?

As often as I can get away with haha! I am vehemently against solariums and am very conscious of sun safety, but am unfortunately not blessed with naturally tanned skin so fake tanning suits me just fine!

8) What’s your favourite Naked Tan product?

I adore the Naked Tan Goddess Crème de la Crème. I use it even when I don’t have tan on! It’s so moisturizing and I feel it really absorbs into my skin.

Follow Claire here:
Instagram: @clairendezvous