Get your Summer skin ready now!

SummerThis is happening! Summer has finally arrived and you have pushed all of your winter woollen coats and jackets to the back of your wardrobe in order to make way for pretty summer dresses.

Your biggest issue at the moment? Your pasty skin just doesn’t cut it for the summer beach weather and you need to be beautiful and glowing just in time for summer!

Naked Tan is coming to the rescue with products that will help to achieve a beautifully tanned look and be all ready and prepared to step out quick smart!

Follow the expert for a glowing summer skin!

STEP 1: Prepare your skin for a new tan. DSC_0153

To prepare your skin before a spray tan/home tan, use Naked Tan’s Goddess Body Exfoliator and Body Cleanser 24 hours before your tanning day. This will remove any leftover tan or dry skin to achieve a lovely and natural looking tan.

STEP 2: Tan like/by a pro!

Don’t forget to wear loose dark clothing to avoid your favourite clothes from getting stained after a tan.

If you do not have time to duck in your favourite salon for your weekly Naked Tan spray tan, or if you are always on the go, we recommend that you use the Goddess Self Tan or Goddess Bronzing Mousse. All you have to do is rub it into your skin and wash it off two hours later with Goddess Body Cleanser. Professional looking result guarranteed!

Want an even deeper tan? Use Goddess Gradual Tan daily to deepen your skin colour. For tanning addicts only!







STEP 3: Maintain your tan for longer!DSC_0139

Use Naked Tan’s Goddess Crème de la Crème to moisturise your skin daily. This will ensure  your tan lasts the distance and will keep looking its very best for longer!


Last but not least, make your skin shine and glow. Goddess-Instant-Tan-Small

Apply Goddess Instant Tan daily when wearing your summery mini skirts. You will achieve a natural bronzed glow instantly that will last until your next shower.

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Naked Tan October Goddess of the month is Ruby Golani

Presenter, Youtube Beauty Vlogger, makeup Demonstrator & Entrepreneur, Ruby Golani is one of these incredible young women everyone wants to hear about!

Naked Tan wanted to know more about Ruby this month and made her Naked Tan October Goddess of the Month!

NT: You initially started studying a double degree of Science and Commerce. How did you end up working as a Beauty Advisor and Makeup Artist?

RG: I couldn’t get a job in my field. They wanted someone with experience and I didn’t have any! I ended up applying for a promotions agency specialising in Cosmetics and Fragrances. I’d go into the department stores and help counters meet their budgets. The department stores both saw my potential and both David Jones and MYERS offered me a position. I’ve had the privilege of working for cosmetic giants such as Revlon, L’Oreal, Benefit and Guerlain (LVMH).

I’m still studying. I believe having a formal education is really important but, during my time at David Jones and MYER, I had the pleasure of meeting so many women. I had the opportunity to make women feel beautiful. I love it! I knew I’d never be working in a lab or sit behind a desk.

NT: How did you get the idea to start creating makeup tutorial videos on Youtube?

RG: One thing that I disliked about working for a particular counter is that I always had to endorse only that brand. A lady would come in asking about under eye concealers and correctors for example. I knew that the other brands had a much better product, so I’d tell customers to try another counter. I didn’t care about meeting my budget any more, I just wanted to help people and that didn’t really sit well with the people upstairs- so I resigned and started working really hard on my blog/vlog after uni. Best life decision!

NT: What do you like most about beauty and being a Beauty Vlogger?

RG: Everyday is different. I’m working on different videos, attending events, meetings, launches. It’s so much fun but it is hard work. Some days are 14-hour days but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love being my own boss!

NT: How do you feel your videos help empowering women?

RG: I had really bad self-esteem issues in high school. I’ve had acne since starting high school and it was tough to feel beautiful, I also wanted to wear makeup and didn’t know how to apply it. Some days I’d go to school and my foundation wasn’t blended properly. All the guys an girls made fun of that. Showing my bare face with no makeup on my YouTube channel was one of the toughest things I’ve ever done but I know it helped so many women and men too!

NT: You have attended Naked Tan’s new retail launch breakfast at Pier One Hotel in September. What did you like most?

RG: It was such a fun event and really engaging too. I loved my styling session. I’m usually in black and being told what colours I should rock and wear this summer was really helpful. I’ve added some blue pieces to my wardrobe since then.

NT: You have been able to trial NEW Naked Tan Goddess Retail Line in exclusivity. Which product is your favourite?

RG: I love the Goddess Bronzing Mousse! Since receiving samples of Naked Tan products from the event, I’ve been tanned with a natural looking glow. I’m pretty fair and it’s the most natural tan I’ve tried and while the tan is wearing off, it still look great!

NT: What is your morning beauty routine? How would you incorporate Naked Tan products into it?

RG: Most mornings I apply an SPF 30 moisturiser or BB cream, a bit of mascara and lippy. When I’ve tanned the night before, I like to start my mornings by showering and locking in the moisture with the Goddess Crème De La Crème. It smells like a tropical holiday! And if I’m tanning on the day, I’ll use majority of the products. This includes the Goddess Body Cleanser, Bronzing Mousse, and then the Crème De La Crème. All the products compliment each other so well!

Thank you so much Ruby! You’re a true Goddess 🙂

RG: Thank you for a lovely event. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you all xx