Our December Goddess of the Month is Natalie Roser

Both Model and Photographer for many years, Natalie Roser is the kind of girl that has it all. Friendly, creative and beautiful, Naked Tan wanted to meet with this incredible Goddess and ask her a few questions about her news and career.

NT: How did you originally get into modelling? And what drove you to pursue this career?

NR: In 2003, when I was only 13 and never even considered modelling as a possibility, my mum entered me in to the Girlfriend Magazine Model search competition. I was so shocked when Mum told me that I had been invited down to the next level of the competition where I place as a NSW finalist and was picked up by leading modelling agency, Chic. At 13, modelling was far from my mind, but I easily fell in to it and absolutely loved it. I developed a passion for the industry that has only grown with time, which I think has helped me get to where I am today.

NT: You were recently on a modelling show called The Face Australia which was created by Naomi Campbell, and Cheyenne Tozzi was your mentor. How was this experience for you?

NR: Even now The Face seems like a surreal experience. It was like nothing I have ever experience before and allowed me to really test myself. It was quite an emotional journey without contact to the outside world. I became very involved with what was going on in the show, just like all the other girls were, so emotions and nerves were constantly high.

I made some incredible friends over those few weeks though and ‘Team Cheyenne’ are still all really close and we catch up and support each other regularly.

Meeting Naomi, Cheyenne and Nicole was incredible and I consider myself very lucky to be involved in the competition.

NT: You are both a professional model and a professional photographer. How has the knowledge of being behind the camera helped you to improve your model role?

NR: As a photographer, I learnt a lot about lighting and the effect different light can have on a model or subject in front of the camera. This has definitely helped me with my modelling as I am aware of how a studio set works and how the light will make my body and face look. It also helps with knowing what pose is best, and what direction is best to face. All in all, the more time I spend on set on either side of the camera, the better I get at both.

For me it all came down to practice in the beginning, and becoming aware of the environment you’re in and equipment you are working with. A good model knows her angles, and better model knows her lighting as well.

NT: As a photographer, if you were to work with any model who would it be and why?

NR: I love to work with young, fresh faces who are new to modelling and take direction well. Modelling is really exciting and fun, and when you have the opportunity to work in a creative environment it should be positive and fun! So I love the energy that young, aspiring models bring to a shoot. It may just be nerves or beginners luck, but I always get great shots from new models.
NT: Do you have any tips for aspiring models and photographers wanting to get into the business?

NR: My biggest tips would be to practice, be professional and use your network. Practice is probably the best piece of advice I could give, as it helps you prepare for any situation and you become more comfortable with what you’re doing. Modelling and photography are very similar to me. They both require dedication and the more you do it, the better you will get. The more photos you take, the better your images you will get, and the more you stand in front of a camera, the more comfortable you become and then you will move better.

NT: You like to stay fit and healthy; do you have any tips for a healthy lifestyle?

NR: My top tip for maintaining a healthy lifestyle would simply be to not cheat. Be aware of what you’re eating and know your healthy alternatives. I used to be obsessed with full-cream milk and dairy products, and would have so much milk in a day it was getting ridiculous. Now I have found an alternative in almond milk and have cut my dairy intake back to a regular amount. It’s little trades like that, which will really make a difference and soon you wont even miss what you were originally craving.

NT: Naked Tan’s new Mantra is ‘You deserve it!’ because we think every woman deserves to feel beautiful. What is the main motivational quote or mantra that you live by?

NR: “Planning prevents poor performance”

My dad says this over and over to me and my brother so now it is always in my head, which actually helps me in making sure I stay on top of my business plans. It also helps me make sure I am prepared for my crazy days where I have one million places to be, with several different outfits throughout the day.

NT: You have experienced a Naked Tan spray tan in Exotic colour. What did you think of the Naked Tan experience and the result colour?

NR: I am so pleased with the colour of my tan! I received several compliments on it the day after my spray on a photoshoot. The colour looked natural and gave my skin that extra touch of colour to help me look healthy and glowing.

NT: Do you use Naked Tan retail products before and after your spray tans to ensure it lasts for longer?

NR: Naked Tan have such a great range of products to use before and after my tan so of course I use them to use to ensure my tan is long lasting.

NT: What is your favourite Naked Tan product?

NR: I love the Naked Tan cleanser that doesn’t strip the tan colour off when using it in the shower. Its such a great product idea and allows me to feel clean and fresh and still maintain my tan! It also smells like summer, which is a plus.

Thank you Natalie, you are a true Naked Tan Goddess!


Glow like a Goddess for NYE with Naked Tan!


It is now the end of an incredibly busy year full of surprises, fun, love and girls nights out.

But tonight is THE night you need to shine and glow like a Goddess in order to start this new year on the right foot.

Naked Tan has put together a Special ‘Tan Tip Tuesday’ to get your body NYE ready.

Follow the expert…

2 nights before NYE

Use Naked Tan Goddess Body Exfoliator to remove any old tan and dead skin cells. Make sure you exfoliate deeply in circular motions. In Summer, the skin tend to be dryer so having a good rub is the best way to get a silky smooth skin before your tan.

Wash off Goddess Exfoliator with Goddess Body Cleanser and hydrate the skin after your shower with Goddess Creme de la creme. Silky smooth result guaranteed!









Bonus tip: Use an Exfoliating Mitt for a deeper rub.

You’re now ready to get your new tan on!

1 night before NYE

Get your Naked Tan spray tan at your favourite Naked Tan beauty salon. Don’t forget to ask your beautician to colour consult you before your spray tan in order to receive a personalised Naked Tan spray tan.

Wear dark lose clothes after your spray tan and make sure to shower after 2 hours (max 4)  to ensure a beautiful, even and natural looking tan for your big night!

If you forgot to book in and your salon is now booked out – DON’T PANIC! Naked Tan Goddess Self Tan or Naked Tan Goddess Bronzing mousse will assist in developing a gorgeous tan at home in just 2 hours.

Self tanning cream or mousse, pick your favourite and tan like a pro, at home!

After your spray tan or self tan, make sure you shower with Goddess Body Cleanser to avoid to strip your tan with your regular cleanser. Goddess Body Cleanser is SLS free and designed to be used after getting a tan.

Bonus tip: Tan-aholic can deepen their tan with Goddess Gradual Tan. Leave on overnight for a darker looking tan!

On NYE  Prep night

Shower with Naked Tan Goddess Body Cleanser to make sure your tan last the distance. After your shower, apply Naked Tan NEW Goddess Instant Tan for a shimmery bronzed glow that will guarantee the WOW effect when entering your party venue. Make sure you leave your skin to dry for a few minutes before dressing.

Instant-tan-1Bonus tip: Wearing bright colours such as White, Pink, Coral, Mint or Cyan will make your skin look browner. 

Your body is now NYE ready! You are ready to shine and celebrate this new year with self-confidence!


Naked Tan is wishing all our beautiful Goddesses a wonderful and Happy New Year!