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You want to go ahead and start your tanning business?

To save you looking around the internet, we are Australia’s MOST LOVED tanning brand! With a colour for every skin type you will retain and build your client list with Naked Tan.

7 reasons to choose Naked Tan

  • NO nanoparticles, no parabens, no SLS, no alcohol, no odour
  • Original wash n wear in 2HRS for maximum colour – NOT 8 hours!
  • A shade available to suit every skin type – Natural brown colour NOT orange
  • Quick drying in 2 minutes, NOT sticky or tacky
  • Our signature Coconut and Vanilla bean scent
  • No damage to the skin from harmful UV rays
  • Searched by more than 10,000 consumers every month

Naked Tan also guarantees 20 Spray tans per litre increasing your revenue and your profit!

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This package includes everything you need to get started!

  • Solution: 1L Natural solution (20 spray tans guaranteed)
  • Equipment: 1 Naked Tan tanning pro machine with 2 guns | 1 pop-up tent
  • Goddess Retail Product: 150 ml Goddess Crème de la crème
  • Marketing: 100 x Tanning tips | 50 x Loyalty Cards
  • Education: Training manual & Bonus DVD INCLUDED – Learn the art of spray tan

Need more training before you start?

Every first Monday of each month, Naked Tan holds training workshops at its head office in Alexandria, NSW, covering essential knowledge you must have on Naked Tan products and tanning technique.

The workshop covers:

  • Learn the art of spray tanning
  • Naked Tan products and machinery
  • How to market your business
  • Promotion and Marketing
  • Trouble shooting
  • Tanning demonstrations

Click here to get the latest available workshops dates

Top up your start-up package with more Naked Tan essentials!

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How to maintain your Naked Tan for longer

Everyone wants beautifully bronzed skin. Naked Tan offers gorgeous products that will help you reach your goal and unleash your inner Goddess.

Use this Step by Step Guide to help you achieve the perfect Naked Tan and maintain beautifully tanned skin for 7 to 10 days.

Step 1 – Exfoliate

The key to achieving the perfect Naked Tan isexfoliator exfoliation. Use Naked Tan’s Body Exfoliator 24 – 48 hours before your Naked Tan spray tan to buff and polish your skin to prepare it for your new tan. In a hot shower or bath, apply a generous amount on your body & massage gently in circular motion. Give your knees, elbows & ankles extra attention and then rinse thoroughly. We recommend using our Body Exfoliator with an exfoliating mitt for best results. If you shave or wax your legs, try to do so at least 24 – 48 hours before your Naked Tan spray tan. Shaving or waxing will streak your fresh tan and may result in a patchy looking tan.

Step 2 – Prepare

Benjamin Franklin once said “By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail.” So on the day of your spray tan be prepared! Avoid wearing moisturiser, deodorant or makeup to your spray tan session, as these may interfere with your tan and prevent it absorbing into the skin.

We also recommend that you don’t wash your hair before your Naked Tan. Conditioner can leave a film over your skin that can make your tan look streaky. Remove all jewellery before your spray tan.

Naked Tan Goddess Crème de la Crème will be applied by your spray tan technician to your hands, feet, elbows and knees prior to your spray tan to ensure an even tan.

For best results ensure you wear loose fitting, dark clothing after your spray tan.

Step 3 – Cleanse

As Naked Tan is a TRUE 2 hour tan, there is no need to wait all day or sleep overnight in your tan. Just 2 hours after your spray tan rinse off your Naked Tan using our Goddess Body Cleanser. Enriched with Aloe Vera, Organic Coconut Oil and Macadamia Oil it will moisturise your skin and care for your tan. Use the Goddess Body Cleanser daily in the shower instead of regular soap to extend the life of your tan.

Step 4 – Moisturise 

To maintain your tan for locremenger, apply Goddess Crème de la Crème daily.

This deeply nourishing Body Butter is made from the finest ingredients: Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and Aloe Vera. Lavish your entire body with Goddess Crème de la Crème after showering to deeply hydrate & nourish your skin, leaving it silky smooth. Pay extra attention to your knees, elbows & heels. Goddess Crème de la Crème is the perfect everyday body moisturiser to increase the longevity of your tan.

Step 5 – Hydrate

Stay hydrated! In order to have a long lasting tan, ensure that your body is well hydrated by drinking lots of water. Hydrated skin is smoother, so your tan looks better too! It is recommended to drink at least 1 Litre of water every day.

Step 6 – Extend 

For absolute tanning addicts use Goddess Gradual Tan a few days after your spray tan to extend your tan and get a prolonged and even darker colour! Apply 1 coat evenly on your entire body before bed and shower in the morning with Goddess Body Cleanser for a deeper, darker tanning result.

Step 7 – Extend more!

Don’t let anything get in the way of you and your tan! Going away for the weekend or holidays? Keep up your tanning routine even kilometers away from your bathroom with Naked Tan Weekend Essentials and Holidays Essentials.

Weekend essentials

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Get ready for Valentine’s day with Kassi Kashian!

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and is always a time us ladies like to look our best. This post will show you how to nail the perfect tan, a fresh faced make-up look and how to style your hair.

Let’s get started…

Tanning with Naked Tan 

1. Start by scrubbing off dead skin cells and possibly leftover tan with Goddess Body Exfoliator. Hop in the shower and apply a small amount to appropriate areas. Massage into the skin to leave it feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.


2. Get out of the shower and dry off. Apply Goddess Creme de la Creme to knees, elbows and ankles to assure the tan doesn’t cling to your dryer areas.

3. Apply Goddess Bronzing Mousse all over the body. Be sure to use a tanning mitt and work in circular motions. This will help the tan to look more even and natural.

4. Put your hairdryer on cold and dry your whole body. Wait 10 minutes before clothing. After a minimum of 2 hours your tan is ready to go. The longer you leave the tan, the more it develops and the darker it will be.

5. Wash off with Goddess Body Cleanser. This product is amazing as it is SLS free and doesn’t strip off your tan like other body washes.

Now your tan is ready to go!

Tan Touch-Up, Make-Up & Hair Styling

1. Apply Goddess Instant Tan to arms and legs to give an over all glow and colour.
2. Buff in with tanning mitt. This product is also made to moisturise the skin, assuring your mousse tan will last longer!

Considering this is a Valentine’s Day tutorial, I think it is nice to keep it very fresh, dewy and natural. I believe Valentine’s Day suits a very feminine, youthful make-up look and that is what I have created. This look uses very earthy tones and universal colours, assuring it can suit anyone!

1. Complexion… 
– Firstly, cover any redness with green colour correcting concealer from the ‘Corrector Trio’ by Be Coyote.
– Then, cover any darkness (particularly around the eye area) with orange colour correcting concealer from the ‘Corrector Trio’ by Be Coyote.
– Thirdly, buff Nars Sheer Glow foundation into the skin with a buffing brush. I use colour ‘Fiji’, light 5.
– Use Nars Radiant Concealer to cover any blemishes and illuminate under the eyes. I would recommend placing the concealer in a triangle shape to slightly contour the face. This is discussed in a previous blog post. I use colour ‘Custard’, medium 1.
– Dust Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in ‘Dim Light’ all over the face with a large powder brush. This powder will assure you’re make up doesn’t slide off but is also illuminating, adding to that glow.
– Complete your complexion by filling in your brows. I used the Kevyn Aucoyn Brow Pencil in ‘Brunette’ to draw fine individuals hairs and buffed them out with the end of the pencil. I also ran Get Threaded’s ‘Brow-Mazing’ gel through to keep them in place.

2. Contouring…
– Using a contouring brush concentrate your bronzer beneath your cheekbones. The right spot can be found by pouting, if it doesn’t appear obvious on its own. Your bronzer should always sit beneath your blush. Pictured below are two brush options I find best. I use Nars ‘Laguna’ bronzer.
– Using your finger tips, work Nars Multiple in ‘Orgasm’ into your cheeks. It is a very natural, dewy flush. Adding to that fresh look.
– Thirdly, using your finger tips, dab Nars Multiple in ‘Copacabana’ at the top of your cheek bones and in a C shape around your brows. In the photo below you can see where the light hits the illuminator.
3. Eyes…
– As a base apply By Terry Ombre Blackstar in ‘Frozen Quartz’ to eyelid. Blend using your finger tips.
– Work Stila ‘Bubbly’ from the ‘In A Good Light’ palette into the base and crease.
– Shade the outer corner of your eyes with ‘Sandstone’ and using your pinky finger dab ‘Kitten’ into the inner corners of your eyes.
– Beneath your brows, tidy up with ‘Bare’.
– Press the Stila Stay All Day liner in ‘Intense Black’ along your lash line. Keep the line as thin as possible. This will assure your lash line looks thicker, however still maintaing that natural look.
– Finally curl lashes with Kevyn Aucoyn lash curler and apply multiple generous coats of Revlon’s ‘Grow Luscious’ mascara. This mascara is amazing as it separates each lash individual, whilst still giving them volume and fullness.



4. Lips…
– Outline lips using Nars ‘Mysterious Red’. This lip pencil is part of the Velvet Matte range, meaning that it goes on rather creamy then sets to become a matte. A matte is a smart choice for Valentine’s Day as it is less likely to shift or transfer, assuring you have flawless lips all night. It also only seemed fitting to use a red on the lips as it is the colour of love.
– Apply a coat of Too Faced ‘Extreme Lip Injection’ on top to add fullness and sheen. This lipgloss is made to plump the lips and gives them a slight tingle.
And there you have it… A flawless, natural Valentine’s Day make-up look!
It is important to embrace your looks and personality on Valentine’s Day so keeping the hair bouncy and fun is always a good idea. I decided to curl my hair and allowed the curls to drop naturally and frame my face.
1. Heat curling stick to 180 degrees, the prime temperature for styling hair.
2. Wrap small sections of the hair around the stick, away from the face.
3. Hold each section from approximately 10 seconds before releasing.
4. Spray hair with a low-hold hairspray and comb out with fingers.
Here is the final look…
Thank you all for reading and I hope to see photos of this look on Valentine’s Day. If you have any questions feel free to contact me on one of my social media pages. Enjoy the festival of love!
Xx Kassi
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