Our March Goddess of the Month is Renee Somerfield!

Naked Tan chose Renee Somerfield as its March Goddess of the Month because yes, Renee is a true Goddess!

International model, Brand ambassador and true animal lover, Renee is a real role model for all the girls out there that want to mix healthy with beauty!

NT: When have you started modelling? How did everything started?

RS: I have first started modelling as a hobby. I was sales representative at the time, selling beauty products, cars or financial services. I had few contracts but then modelling started to get bigger and was taking too much of my working time. I finally ended up choosing modelling as a full time job at 19.

NT: How do you organise your days?

RS: Every day is different, I really don’t have any routine and to be honest, I have an amazing manager that organise my whole life.

NT: You have an incredible body. What is your secret?

RS: First, I have been really lucky with my genes as I have always been skinny and I am quite petite. I am also vegan, which helps a lot having a healthy way of eating but to be honest, I eat 6 to 8 times a day! I have actually gained weight by being vegan.

My body has always been like that. I don’t have any secret really, just being healthy and try to work out 3 to 4 times a week when I have a chance. Running on the beach is probably my favourite activity.

I think women shouldn’t have unrealistic body type and should just be themselves. Everyone is different and unique. We should all be proud of who we are.

NT: Naked Tan believes in its own philosophy that women should feel beautiful: ‘In harmony with beauty and life, simplicity of life, beauty and humble spirit, reveal the goddess within’. Do you have your own life motto?

RS: My life philosophy is Live & Love. I truly think everyone is beautiful and unique. We shouldn’t try to be someone else. As a true animal lover, I also 100% live by a quote from Pam Ahern, Founder of the Edgar’s Mission farm (Farm sanctuary): ‘If you can live happy and healthy without harming others, why wouldn’t you?’ I only use cruelty-free products, am vegan and really can’t understand that some brands keep testing their products on animals when other ways are available.

NT: What are your plans for 2014?

RS: I am currently working on a few projects that are going to be launched in 2014. I can’t really tell anything until they are released but they are all very exciting. There are mainly fashion projects but I will also be looking at getting more time to work on international modelling projects as well.

NT: What are your favourite Naked Tan products?

RS: The Goddess Shimmer is definitely my favourite product in the whole range. I use it all the time, especially for my shootings. It really enhances and evens my tan making me glow on photos and reducing imperfections. I use it as a body foundation. It is also perfect to get ready for a night out!

I also really like to scent of the whole product range. It is like a proper perfume, it’s amazing!

NT: Do you have a Naked Tan beauty tip?

RS: I usually like to have a tanning routine. I polish my skin with the Body Polish before a spray tan to remove dead skins. Then I apply the Goddess Glaze to even my tan and leave it overnight. Finally and especially if I have a photo shoot, I apply the Goddess Shimmer all over my body to glow on my photos.

Tan Tip Tuesday How to Ensure a Non-Patchy Tan

How to ensure a non patchy tan?
A patchy spray tan can occur in some of the following situations: If the skin hasn’t been exfoliated properly prior to your spray tan, you are taking medication, are pregnant, have a hormonal imbalance, pigmentation issues, have sweated or come into contact with liquid prior to washing off your tan. Prevent any of this from happening before or after your spray tan will ensure getting a perfect and even tan that lasts for longer.

Our first Goddess of the month in February is Sheridyn Fisher!

Beautiful, successful model and actress, brand ambassador and business woman with her own swimwear brand – Sheridyn Swim – Sheridyn Fisher is the kind of girl we all look at and think ‘WOW she’s incredible!’.

Naked Tan decided to meet with Sheridyn and uncover what makes her a true Goddess!

NT: We can currently see you on the February cover of Maxim Australia, what’s your secret to a beautiful body?

SF: I am very active and work out every day for at least 45 minutes. I play soccer, boxing, kick boxing and go to the gym. I always try to find a way to be active, even when I’m travelling. I also eat healthily by being vegetarian. Movement is the key!

NT: How do you plan and organise your busy days and still get time to take care of yourself?

SF: I try to have an overview of my upcoming week and start planning every day to make the best of each day. I wake up around 6-7 am every day, have a small breakfast, workout and I am then ready for my busy day.

NT: Naked Tan believes in its own philosophy that women should feel beautiful: ‘In harmony with beauty and life, simplicity of life, beauty and humble spirit, reveal the goddess within’. Tell us your philosophy that you live by and believe in….

SF: I live by the word ‘Love’. I truly think that the world needs love and could be a better place with Love. Getting the best out of every situation. If you’re positive then positive things will happen to you. Respecting our planet is also very important for me by using Vegan and cruelty-free products. I think that nowadays, we are able to take better care of our planet so we should start giving more thought to it.

NT: You’re an inspiration to many girls, who inspires you?

SF: Alicia Silverstone is probably the woman that inspires me most. She is a beautiful soul and has the same beliefs as me about the world. She also has the courage to stand-up for what she believes in. My nana and pop have also inspired me a lot. They’ve taught me life lessons and gave me good values. They were kind people and have been together their whole lives.

NT: What are your plans for 2014?

SF: I have many! First, I’m getting married in June in Thailand. Me and my fiancé have been together for 8 years and engaged for 7! I’ve always had to push back the wedding as I was too busy. But now everything is locked in. Professionally, a lot of really exciting acting opportunities are arising in the USA. I will also launch my swim wear line, Sheridyn Swim, internationally, and start working on my own gym wear line. 2014 will be full of surprises!

NT: What are your favourite Naked Tan products?

SF: When I have time for a spray tan, I usually use the Exotic solution as the colour really matches my skin tone. My favourite out of all the products is definitely the Naked Tan mousse. I use it all the time as I am usually too busy for a spray tan. I usually apply the mousse once a week, maybe a second time if I want to be a bit darker. I bring it with me when I travel. It is an amazing product and matches my skin type so well! I also use the Goddess Shimmer when I get ready for events and photo shoots. I love the colour it gives to my skin and how it highlights my tan.

NT: Would you have a Naked Tan tip to share with your followers?

SF: Mix the Goddess Shimmer with the Crème de la Crème to get a perfect shimmery/moisturising effect!

Thank you Sheridyn, we all look forward to reading and hearing about your successes in 2014!

August Goddess of the Month Lauren Mitchell

Our August Goddess of the Month is London based stylist and model, Lauren Mitchell!

We are excited to announce that our August Goddess of the month is Lauren Mitchell. 27-year-old Aussie living in London, Lauren Mitchell is a model and stylist taking on London by storm. Our European correspondent and brand ambassador, Lucinda Dennis sat down with Lauren over a cup of coffee to find out a little more about her life, how to crack the styling industry and what it was like making the move from sunny Bondi to Notting Hill.

1) With your job, you are lucky enough to travel the world visiting amazing locations only some can dream of. What is your favorite holiday destination?

Travelling is one of my greatest passions but I love certain places for different reasons – depending on the time of year, who I’m travelling with and what kind of mood I’m in but having moved to London recently I would have to say France is my go-to holiday destination.

Particularly, the south of France. It is one of Europe’s top travel spots but having been lucky enough to visit numerous times over the past two years I’ve discovered a new love. With the perfect combination of indulgence; food, wine and relaxed hidden beaches and coastlines, the whole place oozes sophistication. The people, the language, the food, the way of life, the fact that it is totally acceptable to drink rosé

at 10am! It is literally heaven on earth and if I had to eat French fish, mussels and drink French rosé for the rest of my life I would live a very happy life!

2. You travel the world eating glorious food. What do you do to ensure you feel good on the inside and out?

Fitness and health is one of my life’s greatest priorities and I have always eaten healthy, kept fit and nurtured my body- in fact if I don’t eat well and exercise I am one grumpy woman!

My theory is not to over do it. I don’t spend hours in the gym, I never skip a meal, I treat myself once a week, I allow myself to drink but I do maintain some sort of routine. 80:20 is my rule of thumb. If majority of my life I eat healthy and do exercise at least 4 times a week then a bottle of wine or a tub of Ben & Jerry’s is absolutely allowed!

During the week however I train twice at the gym with a PT, I never drive but walk everywhere and eat every three hours eating a load of healthy foods – nuts, salads and fruit. I have had to learn to be flexible. Travelling as much as I do and working sporadic hours means that you have to adapt but living a life that is TOO strict is simply no fun.

3) Styling can be a hard industry to crack. Can you give any aspiring Naked Tan girls some tips to how to get into the biz?

NETWORK. The end.

Every job I have ever been given is because of my big mouth and my ability to speak to anyone. The more people you meet and the more you get out to events, the greater your opportunities. I have styled editorials for international magazines from fighting over canapés in a bar. I have landed entire PR and brand management opportunities from saying hi to people crossing the street. You never know whom you’re talking to or the positions you can find yourself in from simply being friendly! Remember jobs won’t come find you, you have to go hunt them down.

4) What is the best part about being a stylist?

Being able to ‘accidentally on purpose’ man handle half naked male models…?

Meeting people and being creative. I work with everyday people to models to celebrities to babies and animals! A variety of work is what stimulates me the most and constantly keeps it exciting. As well being part of a shoot it’s not just you and a model, It’s an entire team. I’ve met producers, directors, photographers, celebrities, all creative types, tattoo artists, magicians and musicians- every project involves many more people from all sorts of backgrounds to create the final picture.

Being a stylist you also have great license for creativity. Quite often the story or idea is given to you and it is your job to manufacture and bring it to life.

… Did I mention the male models?

5) Do you have a dream celebrity you would want to style and why?

If my boyfriend wasn’t reading this I’d say Brad Pitt. But he is.

As exciting projects go you can’t go past styling something like a Victoria’s Secret show. I’m quietly infatuated with the girls and being slightly flamboyant and girly myself I would have an absolute ball coming up with every look.

As a challenge: The Rolling Stones. I’ve loved them ever since I was 5 and being so far from any style I’m familiar with, paired with the fact you’re working with men who know EXACLTY what they want, would make for a very interesting job. Plus would look fab on my resume!

6) Also being a model, can you tell us about your most memorable photo shoot ever?

From the more trivial but extremely fun shoots like ‘Beauty and The geek’ and Miss Universe to working with MTV on music video clips, Oporto adverts and Vodafone campaigns I’d have to say I find the people working on the shoot who make the experience memorable.

If you get a great crew and a team who makes you feel comfortable, everything goes smoothly and you get a great result, but modeling for me is actually quit a daunting experience. As far as memorable goes my part in Underbelly working with famous Australian actors really pushed me out of my comfort zone- despite my role being referred to as ‘Slut 1’.

7) When do you use Naked Tan?

Being a born and bread Aussie I am used to always having that bronzed Australian glow but now I’ve moved to London I have become my worst nightmare. I’ve lost all tan lines and now live a life of constantly trying to find a fake tan that doesn’t rub off onto my white bed sheets.

I have literally been through every fake tan brand known to man and ‘Naked Tan’ is the only one that doesn’t stain my clothes, can be applied right before a night out and that doesn’t lead to dreaded fake tan pong.

I use it weekly for a subtle glow, before I travel, for a dinner date or even a major event. It just means I can look healthy all year round and don’t have to succumb to the ‘Casper the friendly ghost’ syndrome many women suffer with over here.

8) Any tips to Naked Tan girls wanting to make the move from Australia to London?

I am going to sound like an old Nike advert but just do it! London is not all that different to Australia. We are all part of the Commonwealth – so the government and people are fairly similar. Also the fact that we both speak English helps! If you are under 30 you can get a 2-year working visa, which makes it an easy transfer over so make the most of that if you can!