Our Go-to Make Up Look

When you’re rushed for time every girl has a favourite make up look that she can slay on the go. Mornings are no time to be messing around with make-up so having a go-to look can be a life saver.

Our goal in life is to always look fresh and flawless- so how do we achieve that on-the-go? It’s easy, we promise!


Just make sure you use light coverage make up that will leave you with a dewy finish. The best way to assure your make up always looks on fleek is to really take care of your skin. Having great skin means you don’t need as much make up. Moisturising is a critical part of looking after your skin and getting a flawless finish when applying your make up.


(Photo credit: @MakeupbyShay

Use a moisturiser every morning and night and you’ll notice a difference in how your make up looks. If you need a bit more glow use our Naked Tan Instant Tan under your foundation as a base.

This product will illuminate your complexion and make you glow. After that all you need to do is use a light coverage foundation. We recommend the BARE Minerals Complexion rescue BB Cream. This product feels like butter on the skin and it’s a perfect match with our Instant Glow.

Your base is crucial but you cannot forget to bronze yourself up. We recommend MACS Give Me Sun Bronzer. Having a bit more colour will make you look more awake and give you some desperately needed colour (after all we are almost in winter). If you really want to finish off a look and SHINE SHINE SHINE!!!!

We like to use a highlighter on all the highest points of our face. Your cheek bones, on top of your eyebrows and the tip of your nose are the best places to use highlighter. To avoid your skin from looking tired use a finishing spray to brighten and hydrate your skin. We recommend the Skino2 Doctors Formula Hydrating Spritz to seal your make up and freshen your self up!


(Photo credit: @Mellodmakeuparist)

After that it all comes down to the eyes and brows. Use the Skino2 Brow Powder to make your brows more defined and to even out your shape. For your eyes we recommend to use smokey browns and golds as these colours will warm your look and make your eyes pop. If eye shadow isn’t your think don’t worry!

Placing highlighter near your tear ducts on your eyes will make you look more awake and brighten your eyes. But at the end of the day as long as you have your eyebrows groomed and you’ve got your favourite mascara/lashes on hand you’re good to go.

Be sure to follow both Mellod and Shay on Instagram and check out all their amazing make up looks. You never know you might just change up your make up routine and get inspired!

To purchase any Skino2 Doctors Formulated products go to www.skin02.com.au



The must-have travel essentials!

Winter is coming and we know most of you are ready to flee the country and go on either a European adventure, a beach holiday or off to America exploring all the sights. Wherever you’re going this winter- Naked Tan has your travel essentials covered!

The air conditioning on planes often makes people sick so remember to stock up on Vitamin C before your trip. The other downside to flying is the effect it can have on our skin, especially if you’ve got a tan! To make sure your skin doesn’t go dry, crack or peel be sure to have our Creme’ De la Creme’  handy in your purse to moisturise on the go. For your nights out pack our Instant Tan with you to shimmer and bronze up instantly. You’ll thank us when you’re busy getting ready and need a bit more glow on FAST!

When you’re travelling there’s nothing you’ll need more than a comfy pair of shoes. When you’re walking around and seeing the sights, one thing that can really be a mood killer is sore feet. So trust us, pack some sneakers and you’ll save on all those unnecessary cab rides and blisters.

DO NOT LOSE YOUR PASSPORT- There is nothing worse than losing important documentation on a trip away. So to make sure you don’t have a passport wallet. This will ensure you have all your travel documents in one place, making it less likely that you drop it or misplace your things.

Travelling is such a blessing and can be full of such amazing experiences. To make sure you don’t forget any juicy details bring a journal with you, and of course a camera. This way you can capture every moment and write about it. You’ll be sure to remember your Euro-trip 50 years on!!!!

We hope you all enjoy your holidays!!!

travel essentials


Don’t fear the Naked Tan Team is here!

Have you ever had a catastrophe with fake tan? Don’t worry you’re one of many!

Fake tanning in theory can seem like a simple thing- but in practice there’s so much that can go wrong if you don’t know what to do. Thanks to the Naked Tan Team you’re going to have all the secrets to getting a perfect tan every time! Our sales team knows everything there is to know about tanning, so we thought we’d ask them what are the top mistakes people make when using fake tan so that you don’t make them.

Abby: Account Manager

Abby’s Tan Tips

Abby is our tanning expert she knows all the secrets to getting a flawless tan. Key rules to live by when tanning are:

1. ALWAYS move in circular motions
2. To save your sheets: Apply baby powder over the sheets and this will absorb excess tan.


3. To stop arm pits from being affected during development, once tan is applied use a small amount of baby powder and pat into the underarms to help them not to sweat.
4. Baby powder has so many uses it can also be used on the feet to stop your tan being rubbed off from your shoes.

Our favourite Abby tan tip is:
The NAKED TAN Instant Tan isn’t just for your body. It can also be added to your foundation to darken the colour or to illuminate your skin and give you a dewy look. This is a great tip if you want to get some extra use out of your NAKED TAN products.

Ashleigh: Sales Manager

Ashleigh’s Tan Tips

Half the secret to getting a great fake tan is in the preparation, so when you’re in the shower exfoliating and getting your skin ready to tan.

For the love of tanning, do not… I repeat! DO NOT SHAVE THE SAME DAY YOU TAN!


Why you may ask? When you shower your pores naturally become open. When you tan straight after shaving what will happen is your pores will absorb the tan resulting in getting those unsightly tan dots everywhere you shave. So shave at least 24 hours before shaving to make sure you don’t ruin your tan.

Another big mistake people make when tanning is what they use on their body AFTER they tan. A lot of products bought from supermarkets will strip your tan and leave your tan dry and cracked. Be sure to use SLS free soap and a good moisturiser. Ashleigh uses our Crème De la Crème for the first three days and then uses coconut oil to keep her skin really hydrated (A winning combo).

 Aurelie: Sales & Marketing Manager

Aurelie’s Tan Tips

Have you ever had a tan-trum because you thought your fake tan washed off and didn’t develop?

Yes? Well, here’s why!

A lot of people when getting a spray tan will wait the 2 hours, wash the tan off and then panic when they’re not as tan as they’d like to be. Here’s why! When you wash off the tan you’re only getting rid of the bronzing agent. The DHA in the product (which is what gives you a nice colour) will develop with time throughout the day. So don’t panic-Patience is key!

Another great trick from Aurelie is to use our Gradual Tan. We know you’re all busy running the world, but if you want that Beyonce glow then tan and moisturise at the same time. After three days you’ll notice how soft and perfectly tanned your skin has become.