The 40 year old virgin tanner!

Spray Tan review from Susan our first-time tanner, what was her experience?

I’m Susan, a 40 something year old beauty junkie, and until recently, I was a spray tan virgin.I love a good fake lash, shellac pedicures are one of my favourite treats and I haven’t shaved my legs since I was 19 and discovered the wonders of waxing, so how is this possible? I was scared by the spray tans of old, where people looked orange like an oompa loompa, smelled like a chemical spill of unidentified origin and were dirty and patchy, looking like you needed a good scrub for days afterwards. In short, it wasn’t a good look and I didn’t think it was for me but then I didn’t know about Naked Tan until now.

Just this last week I had an event coming up and I was offered the opportunity to jump out of my comfort zone and become a bronzed goddess for the weekend. According to spray tan devotees, a tan done well can do wonders for your self-esteem and help you look and feel thinner, glowing and beautiful. With a little trepidation I accepted the challenge, I mean the offer.

I have to admit I was more than a little anxious as my appointment time approached. Even though I knew spray tanning had come a long way and Naked Tan products were as good as they get, I was still nervous. Would I be too dark, look like I’m trying too hard for a lady of a certain age, and how uncomfortable was the application process going to be? I’m not a 21 year old gym addict anymore, so standing cold and almost naked whilst I was sprayed didn’t excite me either.

On application day I was in experienced and professional hands with Ash who applied my tan and just so happens to be the National Training Manager. Lucky me! Even though she was half my age and weight (I might be exaggerating a little here) it was a painless experience and I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. Ash chose the second deepest Naked Tan colour, Exotic, and she was right on the money. Ash applied Goddess Crème de la Crème to my elbows, knees and ankles first to make sure the colour didn’t cling too much to those areas. I expressed concern about my foundation colour no longer matching and Ash recommended the Goddess Instant Tan mixed with my regular foundation to even me out. Simple!

The whole process took under 10 minutes from the friendly welcome to the after-care advice. When I left, smiling and feeling healthier and thinner (I know right!!) I didn’t smell, I didn’t feel sticky, and I wasn’t sporting the orange glow that I had feared. What on earth was I worried about?

It was slightly odd seeing the colour wash down the drain when I showered the recommended 2 hours later but I was already loving the result and it was good to see that I wasn’t going to develop a darker colour or start to smell like that chemical spill I was fearful of.

The gold in the whole experience was the tip about using Goddess Instant Tan on my face. Thanks Ash! I’d been on the look-out for a skin illuminator for a few months at it was right at the top of my beauty wish list. A Goddess Instant Tan mixed through my base made me glow, and I felt fantastic wearing it. Being naturally olive, I’ll be adding this trick to my big event make up routine whether I’ve been tanned or not.
As for how I felt and looked at the event, it was fantastic. (I was a bathroom photo virgin too so we popped that cherry too!) My friends knew I’d had a tan but no one else I knew commented, which I’ll take to mean that I looked natural and fresh, which is just how I felt. Goddess like even!

Five days later I still love the colour and I’m maintaining the goddess feeling with the amazing Naked Tan Goddess Crème de le Crème product, which smells so amazing I don’t need perfume. I’ve leapt from a sceptic to convert in one fell swoop and my first won’t tanning experience won’t be my last.

A big thank you to Susan for trusting us, we hope you enjoyed and that you’ve inspired other to give spray tans a go. To book a spray tan call us on 1300 365 683 or go to our website to purchase any of our at-home products,

NAKED TAN HQ is here…

We’re so excited to announce that Naked Tan has opened up a flagship store to the public. We’ve chosen coastal Wollongong for our new retail space. We’re located right in the centre of Wollongong on Crown St, directly across from Wollongong Central. Our new flagship store will offer a face-to-face point of contact for our customers in the Illawarra Region and only 1hr from Sydney CBD.

map wollongong

Our Wollongong HQ is just the start of our expansion plan of our Brand and tanning retail range, its an opportunity and offer customers a location to buy from instead of just offering an online store. We want to give our goddesses a place to come and try all of our gorgeous products.

The new store will support local beauty businesses and give customers a direct point of sale to the brand. Offering colour consultations, inquiries about our product range for salons and customers and of course, full spray tanning services from our Naked Tan professionals.


Our flagship store is located at Shop 1, 221 Crown Street Wollongong 2500    Our founder Lea Taylor explains,

The new move to Wollongong is a perfect fit for the Naked Tan brand, founded in 2005 the Naked Tan branding imagery and marketing collaterals all took place in the National Park here on the South Coast, a gorgeous location for the branding“.


Naked Tan is 100% Australian made and owned so we know that the Aussie lifestyle is all about. “The sun, surf, beaches and lifestyle of Wollongong on the south coast is a truly ideal location for our HQ and a flagship store and it’s the perfect fit for Naked Tan”, says Lea. She added, “I reside here in Wollongong with family and friends and will now run my business here too, which is ideal. I am looking forward to doing more branding and photo shoots on our beautiful beaches and promoting the picturesque beauty of the South Coast”.

Naked Tan is constantly growing and we’ve now found our home…. Come and visit our lovely Naked Tan team today!

To contact us about consultations, products or appointments please call us on 1300 365 683 or email us at

Our offices are open from Monday- Friday from 9am-5pm EST for calls outside business hours please leave a message or send us an email.