FAQs about our Original Naked Tan Solution

Get the Naked Tan facts!!!

We know there have been questions about our recent change to our original solution formulation. We hope this answers some of your questions.

As all our loyal customers know we have been on the market for 10years, a little while ago we thought we had made a good decision to improve our manufacturing process. But our customers know our products best, and have given us overwhelming feedback that they love our original formula so we have responded to this by bringing it back to market. What’s different? You’ll have more confidence in the product, and proven results that your clients will have a longer lasting tan with the signature Naked Tan scent that we all love! Key Facts:

  1. Has the solution completely changed?

    No,  the ingredients in our solutions have remained the same. We’ve only modified the manufacturing process.

  2. Was there anything wrong with the other solution?

    Is that why you have changed it back?  We actually thought we would improve the original formula. We have changed back due to overwhelming demand and love for the original formula.

  3. Do all the directions for use still apply?

    Yes, there is no changes to how you use the products.

  4. Will my clients notice a difference?

    Clients that have followed Naked Tan for years may recognise their tanning results. Recent clients to Naked Tan will not recognise any difference in application, or scent, just an improved result.

  5. Where can we get the original solution?

    All online web store stock are new batches of the original Naked Tan solution.

    Purchase right now on our online store nakedtan.com.au or contact your closest wholesaler today and request the new stock! For any other inquiries regarding our solutions please do not hesitate to contact us via email info@nakedtan.com.au or call us on 1300 365 683.


DIY Beauty Tips from Naked Tan

All women will know how much beauty products and a manicure or pedicure can cost. So when you need to pamper yourself but your bank account just won’t allow for it, there are amazing DIY solutions that we swear by. 


Now these beauty tricks have been tried and tested and we can guarantee that you’ll be surprised by how great you’ll feel afterwards.

Follow these DIY Beauty tips and we guarantee you won’t break the bank every time you feel like being pampered.

1)Bicarbonate Soda to Whiten Teeth

Teeth whitening can cost hundreds of dollars and unfortunately it’s not covered by your health insurance. Coffee drinkers will love this quick and super cheap alternative. If you want whiter teeth all you need to do is look in your pantry.

Get yourself some bicarbonate use about two table spoons with just a touch of water until you’ve got a paste. Grab a spare tooth brush and brush your teeth with the bicarbonate paste. Continue brushing for about 5 minutes. Once you’re done rinse your mouth out and you will see a significant difference. Do this once to twice a week and you’ll never see stained teeth again.

2) Miracle avocado hair mask

A good hair mask can set you back about $50 and it’s debatable whether or not they actually work. Do yourself a favour and stick to natural ingredients for your hair. We can promise that all these ingredients will not only natural nourish your hair but you’ll probably already have them at home.

Use 1 whole avocado, coconut oil, olive oil, honey and egg whites. Blend all these ingredients together and apply to your hair once all your hair is covered grab some glad wrap and wrap your entire head. Yes, it will look strange but not only will you avoid getting your couch and pillows dirty, but also the pores of your hairs will open and the ingredients are absorbed. Once you’ve left the mask on for up l go t .o 2 hours you’ll see how soft and bouncy your hair will be.

3) Large pore issues? Don’t worry egg whites are your solution!

We know it sounds odd but egg whites aren’t only used for healthy omelettes, they can also be used to reduce the size of your pores. The protein in the egg whites will tighten and shrink your pores. This DIY is amazing for oily skin but can be used for any skin type. Just whisk your whites until frothy and apply to your face with either a brush or your hands.

4)   Want amazing natural highlights in your hair? Camomile is the way to go!!!

Achieving natural highlights can be an absolute nightmare! You either end up looking like a zebra or all blonde, not to mention the cost!!!! You’ll need to wait for summer for this DIY trick but trust us when we say it works a treat. Put the kettle on and brew some camomile tea. Put the camomile in the fridge to cool and once it’s at a good temperature put the tea all the way through your hair. Comb your hair through and then go out into the sun for a couple of hours or all day. Your hair will smell amazing and the longer you’re out in the sun the more highlights you’ll have.

5) Make a face scrub that will cost you less than $5!!

For an amazing face scrub that you could eat mix honey and raw sugar and coffee grounds. This quick and easy face scrub will exfoliate your skin and will rejuvenate your skin cells. Just mix all three ingredients in a bowl and rub in circular motions over a sink for any fall out.

Add these DIY beauty tricks to your beauty regime and not only will you be left with amazing results but you’ll save a lot of money, and who would want that?