The secret to at-home self tanning!

When giving yourself an at-home tan there are a few rules you need to follow in order to get the perfect tan. Follow these simple rules and guidelines and you’ll never have a bad tan.

Many solely focus on the way they’re applying their tan, but what about where you’re tanning? Where you’re tanning can make a huge difference- you’ll avoid having to clean between applications, and it means it can be a more enjoyable process.


(Photo credit: Shanae Grimes Beech)

We recommend tanning in the shower or on tiles, this way if things get a little messy you don’t need to worry. Obviously, make sure your shower is completely dry before stepping in, otherwise you’ll wash off your tan before its time.

A lot of people don’t understand what they’ve done wrong when their tan doesn’t turn out right.

For example:

Why have my underarms gone green?
The aluminium in deodorant causes the tan to go green when applied. This is very normal and sometimes even when your not wearing deodorant you can have a build of aluminium in your skin. If this does happen, don’t panic! It’s very easy to fix, a lot of the time the green tan will simply wash off and disappear. If it doesn’t a great trick is to use some baby powder to absorb the tan and the deodorant.

I just had a shower after the recommended time and I’m not tanned?”

We get it, you’ve just paid for a tan and now you think it’s all washed off. No need to fear, this is not the case. Naked Tan differs from other tanning brands, as our products are washed off after 2 hours and develop 4-6 hours after you shower. This is so you aren’t forced going to bed with your tan or having to wait up to 8 hours before showering.

Knowing where to moisturise before you tan can really help results. For example, if your knees and elbows ever go really dark it’s because you need to moisturise any part of the body that has thicker skin before you apply tan. Thicker skin will always absorb product more, thus giving that area a darker colour.

My underarms and inner forearm is really patch? How can I fix this?

A lot of the times underarms can be very dry due to waxing, shaving and deodorant. When the skin is not exfoliated properly your tan will not take as well as the rest of the body. Before tanning make sure your skin is smooth and exfoliated and that your underarms aren’t flaky.

 I have black dots all over my legs, why has this happened?

A rule to live by when tanning is to NEVER shave before tanning. You MUST at least wait 8 hours after shaving to tan. This is because when you shave your pores open. If you shave immediately before tanning the tan will absorb into the pores and cause little black dots. Unfortunately, these dots aren’t easy to get rid of and will only fade with time.

So, if you follow these tips and guides you’ll know what to do and what NOT to do. If you ever have any questions, please contact the Naked Tan Team at 1300 365 683. We’re always happy to answer any questions or inquiries.

Good luck to our goddesses!


Beach Netball Event

On Saturday 15th October, Naked Tan’s HQ team and one of our gorgeous salon managers Gordana attended the Beach Netball at North Wollongong.

Naked Tan

We were a part of the first day of the official Beach Netball tournament and the day was buzzing with support from local and interstate netballers, sponsors and beach goers.

The Naked Tan team set up an amazing tanning experience directly on the beach – YEP you heard it… We tanned over 40 women in pop up tanning tents on the esplanade of North Wollongong Beach as part of our event activation.

The netballers loved the Naked Tan products, testing our gorgeous crème de la crème, grabbing their free spray tans and even having the chance to spin our prize wheel and take home a prize.

The beach was packed with approximately 50 teams, who at the end of the day could be seen with a gorgeous Naked Tan beach bag on their shoulders.

Naked Tan joined forces with Netfit Netball, Red Bull, NSW Cancer Council, Girl Lane, i98 FM and Chobani Australia to make sure all attendees were looking great, being safe and having a great time!

A huge thank you to all the attendees, congratulations to the winners, the losers and all who took part in the event!


The truth about our tanning solutions!

Are they really organic and vegan-friendly?

We got a lot of questions about our solutions and whether or not they are organic or vegan-friendly. So we’ve decided to address your questions.

Since day one Naked Tan has tried to produce products that are both user-friendly and also environmentally friendly.

Naked Tan’s professional spray tanning solutions has been the leading spray tan in the market place for over 10 years, and for a good reason. We developed the first ever Organic Spray Tan solution on the market, which was the first and only tan that is COSMOS organic certified.

Who are COSMOS and what do they do?

They are the international organic and natural cosmetic standard-setting organisation. Over the last 25 years COSMOS has managed and developed the standards COSMO-certified products must follow.

All COSMOS-certified products are produced to the highest standards for organic and natural cosmetics, and are safe, effective and good to use.  They are easy to identify from the labels which contain all the information you need to know when choosing your spray tan brand – all of the information is transparently listed.

Unfortunately, we no longer sell the Naked Tan Organic solution, this however does not mean that our full tanning range isn’t suited to those who are ingredient conscious. All of our solutions are vegan-friendly!

Naked Tan has four salon shades including; Natural – 8% DHA, Tanned – 10% DHA, Exotic – 12% DHA and Chocolate – 15% DHA. Our tan solutions all contain COSMOS certified organic ingredients with the exception of our signature Naked Tan fragrance.

You can be sure that with Naked Tan products you won’t have any NANO PARTICALS, NO ALCOHOL, our products are all ODOUR FREE and contain NO SLS SULPHATES!

To learn more about COSMOS and their mission go to: