Our Formal Hot Tips!

You have been counting down for months, you have the perfect dress hanging up and you’re ready to cross off the last few days before your formal!

As they say though, an outfit isn’t complete without a tan! Make sure your skin is glowing on your special day to match your killer outfit. Our books are starting to fill up, don’t be the girl who regrets not getting a tan.

Our must have formal product is our Instant Tan! This amazing product will give your skin an instant bronzed glow, not to mention a subtle hint of glitter. We’ve got an awesome deal for this month where if you purchase our self tan you can receive our Instant Tan for 50% off.

We asked some of our ambassadors for their top tips for formal season and this is what they’ve come up with.

Bianca Wilshin

Number 1 formal tip would have to be PREPARE! From everything to outfit, makeup and hair.

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Ellen Clark

Be confident in that dress girl, don’t forget your naked tan for an extra glow and confidence boost

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Tahlia Moffitt

Don’t be shy to be yourself! Choose a look that is you and shows off your personality. You will light up the room and you will stand out from the crowd with your uniqueness!

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Bonnie Foster

 Make sure you pick the right date ladies! The photos will be with you forever!

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Cass Sersemis

My number one formal tip would be to not stress, your formal is meant to be a happy day! So don’t let little things get to you and just enjoy yourself even if things don’t go to plan.

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Can you mix LUXE with Naked Tan Signature Solutions?

At Naked Tan we love mixing our solutions. If you have a client who likes a deeper tan but still wants a fast result we recommend mixing the 20MIN Rapid Tan with our Signature Chocolate Solution. This will extend the tan to a 40MIN tan.




What is the maximum amount of time to leave the tan on for?

For our 2hr Water Resistant and Slimming Tan we recommend no longer than 4hrs. 20MIN tan can be left on for 1hr.




How many spray tans do I get out of 1L?

Your 1L bottle will give you roughly 20 Spray Tans.




What are the colour differences in each solution?

Slimming Tan – 10% DHA, 2HR TAN, Medium Tan, Reduces Cellulite, Promotes Blood Circulation. UP TO 3 SHADES DARKER!

Water Resistant – 14% DHA, 2HR TAN, Medium-Dark, Water Resistant, Sweat Proof. UP TO 4 SHADES DARKER.

20MIN Rapid Tan – 14% DHA, Infused with essential oils Medium-Dark. UP TO 4 SHADES DARKER.




Do you provide samples of your LUXE products?
Unfortunately we do not currently accommodate for sample sizes, however this is something we are looking into.