5 Tips for the Perfect Winter Glow with Naked Tan

Winter is coming to Australia! Just because the weather is dull, your skin shouldn’t suffer or be neglected. After all; it is the biggest organ on the human body – fact! Whether you’re juggling a career with kids or casual jobs with essays, we know most modern women don’t have the time to sit in the weak winter sun for hours to get the perfect sun kissed glow… although that’s the dream! At Naked Tan, we understand this and strive to give you the effortlessly perfect winter glow made specifically for women on the go.


Read on for 5 simple tips on getting that perfect golden tan when the weather is being less than agreeable.


  1. Adjust your summer shade to make it winter worthy:

A wise woman once said: the sign of a great spray tan is that no one should know you have one. It’s great getting rid of the winter blues with a “I just took a trip to Bali” tan, but it just won’t do for when its 15 degrees outside and overcast. We suggest a bit more subtlety for the cooler days. Try something more understated than your summer tan – instead of going fives shades darker, try going two. We can give you a patch test to see which shade best suits your skin tone to give you a flawless golden tinge.


  1. Get your skin ready:

As the weather gets cooler, your skin can get drier. To combat dry, flaky skin and get the best experience & results, you need to amp-up your winter skin routine. This means taking extra care of your skin before and after the procedure to maintain it. The dry winter strips your skin of natural oils leaving it flaky. For the pre-spray tan routine, exfoliate with Naked Tan Goddess Body Exfoliator and remove body hair so your body is a smooth canvas you can paint the perfect shade on to. Why not take a look at the full range special package here?


  1. Post-spray tan tips:

A hot shower sounds comforting for the cold, but it isn’t ideal for your spray tan and skin. Go easy on the heat so you don’t remove too much colour and leave your skin dry. Try lukewarm with our Naked Tan Goddess Body Cleanser to rehydrate your skin. Then, moisturise the dryness off with Naked Tan Goddess Crème de la Crème infused with Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and Aloe Vera specifically made for post-spray tan care.


  1. Make it last:

A streaky or creasy tan is a major fashion faux pas. It’s important to take care of your skin after the tan so you get the best out of it. This doesn’t mean you have to spend hours of your precious time on it. An easy fix? Baby powder your armpits, elbows, and knees to get rid of the sweat and slap on some Goddess Instant Tan; a bronzer that will give your already radiant skin a boost to help maintain colour. Good-bye pale skin and streaks… hello even, sun-kissed skin.


  1. Don’t let the gloom get to you:

Winter stresses us out as well but don’t let it get to you. Slip on your most comfortable pair of pyjamas & baggiest t-shirt and book an appointment with us for a boost of confidence that comes with the perfectly applied winter tan. Maybe this will get rid of mild seasonal affective disorder?


We know, beauty isn’t skin-deep. But it doesn’t hurt to complement your inner goddess with a perfectly bronzed exterior. Don’t end up orange, uneven or patchy (looking like Donald Trump is always a faux pas) and try your next spray tan with Naked Tan. We promise you, the sexy sliver of golden skin underneath your trench and thigh highs will be the talk of town. Who said tanning is only for summer? Not us!


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Let us know – do you have any other tips not mentioned in this post? We’d love to hear from you.