Extra services to make your salon GLOW!

Are you wanting to take your salon to the next level and go above and beyond with your services? Make your salon a stand out spray tan store with our tips!


  1. Begin the spray tan with a hand massage.

Make your client feel comfortable by offering a hand massage prior to the spray tan. It is important to moisturise the hands prior to beginning the spray tan as this area of the skin is dry. We recommend using our Crème de la Crème moisturiser, this product contains no SLS and smells like coconuts!

  1. Expand your spray tan range with our LUXE solution.

The Naked Tan LUXE solutions have been designed to solve problems. The Water-Resistant Tan has been designed for when it is raining, or for clients who come in sweating on a hot day. Whilst the bronzer is processing your clients will be able to get rain droplets on their skin or break out in a sweat at the gym without having to worry about damaging the tan. Once the spray tan has been rinsed off under a cool shower the tan will develop flawless meaning your client will not come back complaining about a damaged tan!

  1. Stock up on retail products

Often your spray tan clients will want to know how to extend the life of their tan or want to know what steps to take when preparing for a fresh new tan. Naked Tan have a range of skin care products for you to sell in your salon!

How long does fake tan last?

If you look after your fake tan properly and implement a thorough tanning routine where you prepare, tan and maintain you will maximise the result of your self tan. A fake tan will generally last 5-7 days, depending on your daily activities. After a Naked Tan Spray or applying the self-tan you should wait 2-4 hours before showering or rinsing. You will not reach your maximum result until 8-12 hours later. Your tan will look its best for 3 days following application before starting to fade.

Make sure you are applying the Crème de la crème moisturiser after every shower, or to add a subtle bit of ongoing colour try the Naked Tan Gradual Tan.

Always remember to pat yourself down after a shower rather than drag the towel along your skin and to keep out of swimming pools/spas!

Happy Tanning!! XX