Not too long ago we had the pleasure of hearing from Celebrity MUA, Nicola Johnson “Sydney Make up Artist”.

Over the years we’ve gotten to know Nicola and she is a massive force within the beauty industry and a long time lover of Naked Tan. We asked her a few questions so our followers could get to know her as not only a Naked Tan ambassador but a beautiful person both inside and out.

CaptureTell us a little bit about yourself?

I originally trained a beauty therapist & Esthetician specializing in the skin &

skincare. I worked for a number of years in one of England’s most prestigious health spas as a premier therapist looking after high profile clients and celebrities.  I’ve always had a passion for makeup & after seeing an ad in the back of Vogue magazine to train to become a makeup artist I knew it was the right thing for me. I packed up my bags & moved to London & enrolled at the famous Glauca Rossi School of makeup in London’s Maida Vale in 2003.  I studied fashion, Television media makeup and passed with flying colours.

I started freelancing In London & made the move to Australia in 09 first to Melbourne and then to Sydney in 2010 where I work mainly in fashion, editorial & advertising.

What/or who has made you the person you are today?

I was raised by a single mum along with my sister she worked very hard & I guess that set the bar for striving for what you believe in. if you work hard enough you can achieve anything. My mum also encouraged us to ‘do what ever makes you happy’, she encouraged my creativity and allowed me to constantly make a mess whether that was painting, using clay or face painting the neighbor’s unsuspecting faces.

Yoga and meditation are a massive part of my life, they keeps me grounded & in tune with who I am and the morals I stand for. It also teaches me gratitude and gives me the skills to remain calm in any situation  – super handy when it gets s bit stressful on the job.

How did you start as a Make Up Artist?

After training as a MUA in London I worked in a bar at night while I tested and built my portfolio during the day, working for free and building a name for myself. I never assisted anyone in the beginning & actually managed to get into TV & fashion early on.

I moved to Australia in 2009 and I had to start from scratch again, building new contacts and making new relationships.  I again did some ‘love’ jobs, I also worked alongside makeup artist Elsa Morgan for a year when I wasn’t booked on my own jobs. Basically Lots of hard work and determination.

I’m now at the stage where I can’t take all the work that comes my way and I have a small team of artists who work for me under my brand Sydney Makeup Artist so that’s super exciting!  My clients include Elle magazine,  Vogue online, Cosmo, SHOP, Woman’s Weekly, Dolly plus an array of advertising & celebrity clients.

How long have you been in the game for?

I’ve been in the beauty industry since I was 16, so 18 years in total and 13 years as a makeup artist.

What’s your favourite pass time?

Yoga, live music, spending time with friends and family, cooking and the odd glass of red wine !

When you were younger what did you want to be when you grew up?

I actually wanted to be a nurse or a chef!

If you could describe yourself in 3 words- what would they be?

Positive, Thoughtful, fun,

If you had to choose one Naked Tan product, which would it be?

Can I have ? Crème de la Crème and the Goddess Instant Tan are both incredible.

What’s the one beauty essential you can’t live without?

Mascara – opens you eyes, especially if you have fair lashes.

What’s your life mantra?

Remember to breathe . We all lead such busy lives these days; especially in Sydney we have created a nation that thinks it’s trendy to be overly busy. It’s ok to take time out, rest, recover. Take a moment to reconnect with yourself so you don’t burn out.

What is your greatest achievement?

I pride myself in becoming a successful makeup artist by staying true to myself, not stepping on anyone’s toes and paving a way in the industry through hard work & passion alone.

I have been extremely lucky to have travelled to some incredible places with my work, I’ve shot in LA, the Philippines, all over Australia – my favourite being The Kimberley’s – such incredible landscape & of course London where I’m originally from.

Talk about someone you love – who are they? What do they do? What importance do they have in your life?

There is a saying – “friends are the family you choose for yourself”  all my family are in the UK, so my friends here in Sydney are so important to me. I’m so lucky to have an incredible group of friends who support me & vise verse. Many of us have our own businesses and we are all there for each other.

Why do you believe in Naked Tan?

I love the naked tan range for the added ingredients they have like Shea Butter, so they work on protecting & nourishing the skin as well as tanning. They also smell amazing and as red head myself I have always struggled to find a tan that doesn’t make me look orange.

What is your tanning routine like?

I used the gradual tan on myself along with the instant tan on my legs if I have shorts on and am feeling particularly pale, or if I have an event and I want my skin to glow. I love the scrub for a weekly treat and daily applications of the crème de la crème to keep my skin soft and tan prolonged.

All my clients and models love crème de la crème, every single time I use it gets such a fantastic response.

50 Shades of Fade

There’s a reason why your tan is fading!

Maintaining a tan for a whole week can be tricky if you don’t follow the proper care instructions. We get many questions about how to make your tan last the longest so we’ve put together a whole list of reasons why your tan could be fading fast!

See below to find out why your tan could be fading- stay away from these naughty habits and you can make your tan last for up to 10 days!

1.Don’t shave or wax any later than 24 hours before your tan.

2.Don’t use moisturizer the day of your tan – it will create a barrier between your skin and the tanning solution. This will affect the development of the tan and will stop the tan from absorbing into your skin well.

3.Steer clear of any oil based creams at least 2 days prior to your tan.

4.Bath bombs are a NO NO – they contain oil and tans don’t work well with oil!

5.Your body is your temple and so is your skin – look after it!

6.Moisturise twice daily leading up so your skin soaks in your tan!
7.Drink water babe – keep hydrated before and after your tan!

8.Homemade exfoliators that contain sugar will ruin your tan!

9.Are your exfoliating prior to your tan for best results?

10.Oil based exfoliators (home based or store bought) will streak a professional tan! Get back to nature and use a natural base exfoliator!

11.It is suggested that before a tan you use an exfoliating mitt to remove skin cells or any oils on your skin.

12.Stay off the booze!

13.Big night partying – drugs will cause your tan to fade!

14.Don’t apply any products with alcohol or aluminum in them as they will cause the tan not to adhere or make your tan go green.

15.Stay away from deodorant and perfume or any other body sprays on the day of your spray tan.

16.Hot Day? 40 Degree heat- stay cool and calm for a beautiful tan.

17.Did you work up a sweat before your appointment – you might sweat off your tan!

18.Feeling HOT? Sweat also acts as a barrier to the tan, and may also cause the tan to run, causing streaks.

19.Are you caring for your tan, after your tan?

20.Rinse your tan in the shower – do not bathe after a tan.

21.Do not rub in the shower after tan application.

22.Use a SLS free cleanser when showering the day of the tan and whilst wearing your tan.

23.Don’t exfoliate/rub your skin while you’re wearing a tan and ensure you keep your skin hydrated.

24.Chlorine strips tans!

25.Do not swim in chlorine pools!

26.Do not go straight to the gym after a tan!

27.Do not have a spa after a tan!

28.Do not have a bath with any bombs, bath salts or bath oils after a tan!

29.Are you sunburnt or peeling? It is not recommended to get a spray tan if you have experienced any sun damage prior to your tan.

30.Have you been working out? Excessive sweating while wearing your tan will mean your tan won’t last as long.

31.Are you using soap? Regular soap, scrub or bar soaps that contain SLS will strip a tan ad cause premature fading.

32.Are you taking any medication? Certain medications that have hormones or different antibiotics will cause your tan to either not develop or not absorb into the skin like it normally would.

33.Are you going through menopause?

34.Are you pregnant? Pregnancy hormones can cause a tan to fade and sometime not even develop!

35.Is it that time of month? Hormones are a huge reason tans can either not develop or not absorb into the skin well- which means your tan wont last as long.

36.Did you wear tight clothing straight after your appointment? Wear loose baggy clothing to your appointment OR bring loose baggy clothing with you. Tight clothing will rub against your skin and may cause patches.

37.Did you wear a bra after your appointment? To avoid strap marks we recommend you do not wear your bra after your appointment, until your tan has fully developed and you have washed it off.

38.What kind of footwear did you wear after your appointment? If you’ve noticed your tan specifically fading around your feet or ankles it’s because of your choice of footwear.

39.Did you get rained on, wet or sweaty before you washed your tan off?

40.Spilt a drink down your front – you could remove the tan prior to development!

41.Extreme weather can affect your tan: In extreme heat your skin will be oilier than usual and very dry in winter when it’s cold.

42.Be careful if washing your hands! – soap and water will wash away your tan, and any splashes will make it run.

43.Did you put product on your skin before you washed your tan off?

44.Did you wash of your tan within the recommended period?

45.Do not leave it on your skin for longer than its supposed to be- Naked Tan products can be left on for 5 hours but no longer. If you choose to sleep in your tan the colour will be compromised.

46.Did you spend too long in the shower? Spending too long in the shower during the development stage will strip your tan causing it to not last.

47.When washing off your tan try not to use extremely hot water.

48.Did you rinse of using only water? Soap will strip your tan and your tan will develop uneven and patchy.

49.Go to the hairdresser BEFORE your appointment! Shampoo and hair colours will strip your tan!

50.Do not have laser hair removal or waxing AFTER your tan!

The secret to at-home self tanning!

When giving yourself an at-home tan there are a few rules you need to follow in order to get the perfect tan. Follow these simple rules and guidelines and you’ll never have a bad tan.

Many solely focus on the way they’re applying their tan, but what about where you’re tanning? Where you’re tanning can make a huge difference- you’ll avoid having to clean between applications, and it means it can be a more enjoyable process.


(Photo credit: Shanae Grimes Beech)

We recommend tanning in the shower or on tiles, this way if things get a little messy you don’t need to worry. Obviously, make sure your shower is completely dry before stepping in, otherwise you’ll wash off your tan before its time.

A lot of people don’t understand what they’ve done wrong when their tan doesn’t turn out right.

For example:

Why have my underarms gone green?
The aluminium in deodorant causes the tan to go green when applied. This is very normal and sometimes even when your not wearing deodorant you can have a build of aluminium in your skin. If this does happen, don’t panic! It’s very easy to fix, a lot of the time the green tan will simply wash off and disappear. If it doesn’t a great trick is to use some baby powder to absorb the tan and the deodorant.

I just had a shower after the recommended time and I’m not tanned?”

We get it, you’ve just paid for a tan and now you think it’s all washed off. No need to fear, this is not the case. Naked Tan differs from other tanning brands, as our products are washed off after 2 hours and develop 4-6 hours after you shower. This is so you aren’t forced going to bed with your tan or having to wait up to 8 hours before showering.

Knowing where to moisturise before you tan can really help results. For example, if your knees and elbows ever go really dark it’s because you need to moisturise any part of the body that has thicker skin before you apply tan. Thicker skin will always absorb product more, thus giving that area a darker colour.

My underarms and inner forearm is really patch? How can I fix this?

A lot of the times underarms can be very dry due to waxing, shaving and deodorant. When the skin is not exfoliated properly your tan will not take as well as the rest of the body. Before tanning make sure your skin is smooth and exfoliated and that your underarms aren’t flaky.

 I have black dots all over my legs, why has this happened?

A rule to live by when tanning is to NEVER shave before tanning. You MUST at least wait 8 hours after shaving to tan. This is because when you shave your pores open. If you shave immediately before tanning the tan will absorb into the pores and cause little black dots. Unfortunately, these dots aren’t easy to get rid of and will only fade with time.

So, if you follow these tips and guides you’ll know what to do and what NOT to do. If you ever have any questions, please contact the Naked Tan Team at 1300 365 683. We’re always happy to answer any questions or inquiries.

Good luck to our goddesses!


The truth about our tanning solutions!

Are they really organic and vegan-friendly?

We got a lot of questions about our solutions and whether or not they are organic or vegan-friendly. So we’ve decided to address your questions.

Since day one Naked Tan has tried to produce products that are both user-friendly and also environmentally friendly.

Naked Tan’s professional spray tanning solutions has been the leading spray tan in the market place for over 10 years, and for a good reason. We developed the first ever Organic Spray Tan solution on the market, which was the first and only tan that is COSMOS organic certified.

Who are COSMOS and what do they do?

They are the international organic and natural cosmetic standard-setting organisation. Over the last 25 years COSMOS has managed and developed the standards COSMO-certified products must follow.

All COSMOS-certified products are produced to the highest standards for organic and natural cosmetics, and are safe, effective and good to use.  They are easy to identify from the labels which contain all the information you need to know when choosing your spray tan brand – all of the information is transparently listed.

Unfortunately, we no longer sell the Naked Tan Organic solution, this however does not mean that our full tanning range isn’t suited to those who are ingredient conscious. All of our solutions are vegan-friendly!

Naked Tan has four salon shades including; Natural – 8% DHA, Tanned – 10% DHA, Exotic – 12% DHA and Chocolate – 15% DHA. Our tan solutions all contain COSMOS certified organic ingredients with the exception of our signature Naked Tan fragrance.

You can be sure that with Naked Tan products you won’t have any NANO PARTICALS, NO ALCOHOL, our products are all ODOUR FREE and contain NO SLS SULPHATES!

To learn more about COSMOS and their mission go to: https://cosmos-standard.org/


FAQs about our Original Naked Tan Solution

Get the Naked Tan facts!!!

We know there have been questions about our recent change to our original solution formulation. We hope this answers some of your questions.

As all our loyal customers know we have been on the market for 10years, a little while ago we thought we had made a good decision to improve our manufacturing process. But our customers know our products best, and have given us overwhelming feedback that they love our original formula so we have responded to this by bringing it back to market. What’s different? You’ll have more confidence in the product, and proven results that your clients will have a longer lasting tan with the signature Naked Tan scent that we all love! Key Facts:

  1. Has the solution completely changed?

    No,  the ingredients in our solutions have remained the same. We’ve only modified the manufacturing process.

  2. Was there anything wrong with the other solution?

    Is that why you have changed it back?  We actually thought we would improve the original formula. We have changed back due to overwhelming demand and love for the original formula.

  3. Do all the directions for use still apply?

    Yes, there is no changes to how you use the products.

  4. Will my clients notice a difference?

    Clients that have followed Naked Tan for years may recognise their tanning results. Recent clients to Naked Tan will not recognise any difference in application, or scent, just an improved result.

  5. Where can we get the original solution?

    All online web store stock are new batches of the original Naked Tan solution.

    Purchase right now on our online store nakedtan.com.au or contact your closest wholesaler today and request the new stock! For any other inquiries regarding our solutions please do not hesitate to contact us via email info@nakedtan.com.au or call us on 1300 365 683.


DIY Beauty Tips from Naked Tan

All women will know how much beauty products and a manicure or pedicure can cost. So when you need to pamper yourself but your bank account just won’t allow for it, there are amazing DIY solutions that we swear by. 


Now these beauty tricks have been tried and tested and we can guarantee that you’ll be surprised by how great you’ll feel afterwards.

Follow these DIY Beauty tips and we guarantee you won’t break the bank every time you feel like being pampered.

1)Bicarbonate Soda to Whiten Teeth

Teeth whitening can cost hundreds of dollars and unfortunately it’s not covered by your health insurance. Coffee drinkers will love this quick and super cheap alternative. If you want whiter teeth all you need to do is look in your pantry.

Get yourself some bicarbonate use about two table spoons with just a touch of water until you’ve got a paste. Grab a spare tooth brush and brush your teeth with the bicarbonate paste. Continue brushing for about 5 minutes. Once you’re done rinse your mouth out and you will see a significant difference. Do this once to twice a week and you’ll never see stained teeth again.

2) Miracle avocado hair mask

A good hair mask can set you back about $50 and it’s debatable whether or not they actually work. Do yourself a favour and stick to natural ingredients for your hair. We can promise that all these ingredients will not only natural nourish your hair but you’ll probably already have them at home.

Use 1 whole avocado, coconut oil, olive oil, honey and egg whites. Blend all these ingredients together and apply to your hair once all your hair is covered grab some glad wrap and wrap your entire head. Yes, it will look strange but not only will you avoid getting your couch and pillows dirty, but also the pores of your hairs will open and the ingredients are absorbed. Once you’ve left the mask on for up l go t .o 2 hours you’ll see how soft and bouncy your hair will be.

3) Large pore issues? Don’t worry egg whites are your solution!

We know it sounds odd but egg whites aren’t only used for healthy omelettes, they can also be used to reduce the size of your pores. The protein in the egg whites will tighten and shrink your pores. This DIY is amazing for oily skin but can be used for any skin type. Just whisk your whites until frothy and apply to your face with either a brush or your hands.

4)   Want amazing natural highlights in your hair? Camomile is the way to go!!!

Achieving natural highlights can be an absolute nightmare! You either end up looking like a zebra or all blonde, not to mention the cost!!!! You’ll need to wait for summer for this DIY trick but trust us when we say it works a treat. Put the kettle on and brew some camomile tea. Put the camomile in the fridge to cool and once it’s at a good temperature put the tea all the way through your hair. Comb your hair through and then go out into the sun for a couple of hours or all day. Your hair will smell amazing and the longer you’re out in the sun the more highlights you’ll have.

5) Make a face scrub that will cost you less than $5!!

For an amazing face scrub that you could eat mix honey and raw sugar and coffee grounds. This quick and easy face scrub will exfoliate your skin and will rejuvenate your skin cells. Just mix all three ingredients in a bowl and rub in circular motions over a sink for any fall out.

Add these DIY beauty tricks to your beauty regime and not only will you be left with amazing results but you’ll save a lot of money, and who would want that?

The 40 year old virgin tanner!

Spray Tan review from Susan our first-time tanner, what was her experience?

I’m Susan, a 40 something year old beauty junkie, and until recently, I was a spray tan virgin.I love a good fake lash, shellac pedicures are one of my favourite treats and I haven’t shaved my legs since I was 19 and discovered the wonders of waxing, so how is this possible? I was scared by the spray tans of old, where people looked orange like an oompa loompa, smelled like a chemical spill of unidentified origin and were dirty and patchy, looking like you needed a good scrub for days afterwards. In short, it wasn’t a good look and I didn’t think it was for me but then I didn’t know about Naked Tan until now.

Just this last week I had an event coming up and I was offered the opportunity to jump out of my comfort zone and become a bronzed goddess for the weekend. According to spray tan devotees, a tan done well can do wonders for your self-esteem and help you look and feel thinner, glowing and beautiful. With a little trepidation I accepted the challenge, I mean the offer.

I have to admit I was more than a little anxious as my appointment time approached. Even though I knew spray tanning had come a long way and Naked Tan products were as good as they get, I was still nervous. Would I be too dark, look like I’m trying too hard for a lady of a certain age, and how uncomfortable was the application process going to be? I’m not a 21 year old gym addict anymore, so standing cold and almost naked whilst I was sprayed didn’t excite me either.

On application day I was in experienced and professional hands with Ash who applied my tan and just so happens to be the National Training Manager. Lucky me! Even though she was half my age and weight (I might be exaggerating a little here) it was a painless experience and I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. Ash chose the second deepest Naked Tan colour, Exotic, and she was right on the money. Ash applied Goddess Crème de la Crème to my elbows, knees and ankles first to make sure the colour didn’t cling too much to those areas. I expressed concern about my foundation colour no longer matching and Ash recommended the Goddess Instant Tan mixed with my regular foundation to even me out. Simple!

The whole process took under 10 minutes from the friendly welcome to the after-care advice. When I left, smiling and feeling healthier and thinner (I know right!!) I didn’t smell, I didn’t feel sticky, and I wasn’t sporting the orange glow that I had feared. What on earth was I worried about?

It was slightly odd seeing the colour wash down the drain when I showered the recommended 2 hours later but I was already loving the result and it was good to see that I wasn’t going to develop a darker colour or start to smell like that chemical spill I was fearful of.

The gold in the whole experience was the tip about using Goddess Instant Tan on my face. Thanks Ash! I’d been on the look-out for a skin illuminator for a few months at it was right at the top of my beauty wish list. A Goddess Instant Tan mixed through my base made me glow, and I felt fantastic wearing it. Being naturally olive, I’ll be adding this trick to my big event make up routine whether I’ve been tanned or not.
As for how I felt and looked at the event, it was fantastic. (I was a bathroom photo virgin too so we popped that cherry too!) My friends knew I’d had a tan but no one else I knew commented, which I’ll take to mean that I looked natural and fresh, which is just how I felt. Goddess like even!

Five days later I still love the colour and I’m maintaining the goddess feeling with the amazing Naked Tan Goddess Crème de le Crème product, which smells so amazing I don’t need perfume. I’ve leapt from a sceptic to convert in one fell swoop and my first won’t tanning experience won’t be my last.

A big thank you to Susan for trusting us, we hope you enjoyed and that you’ve inspired other to give spray tans a go. To book a spray tan call us on 1300 365 683 or go to our website to purchase any of our at-home products, www.nakedtan.com.au.

NAKED TAN HQ is here…

We’re so excited to announce that Naked Tan has opened up a flagship store to the public. We’ve chosen coastal Wollongong for our new retail space. We’re located right in the centre of Wollongong on Crown St, directly across from Wollongong Central. Our new flagship store will offer a face-to-face point of contact for our customers in the Illawarra Region and only 1hr from Sydney CBD.

map wollongong

Our Wollongong HQ is just the start of our expansion plan of our Brand and tanning retail range, its an opportunity and offer customers a location to buy from instead of just offering an online store. We want to give our goddesses a place to come and try all of our gorgeous products.

The new store will support local beauty businesses and give customers a direct point of sale to the brand. Offering colour consultations, inquiries about our product range for salons and customers and of course, full spray tanning services from our Naked Tan professionals.


Our flagship store is located at Shop 1, 221 Crown Street Wollongong 2500    Our founder Lea Taylor explains,

The new move to Wollongong is a perfect fit for the Naked Tan brand, founded in 2005 the Naked Tan branding imagery and marketing collaterals all took place in the National Park here on the South Coast, a gorgeous location for the branding“.


Naked Tan is 100% Australian made and owned so we know that the Aussie lifestyle is all about. “The sun, surf, beaches and lifestyle of Wollongong on the south coast is a truly ideal location for our HQ and a flagship store and it’s the perfect fit for Naked Tan”, says Lea. She added, “I reside here in Wollongong with family and friends and will now run my business here too, which is ideal. I am looking forward to doing more branding and photo shoots on our beautiful beaches and promoting the picturesque beauty of the South Coast”.

Naked Tan is constantly growing and we’ve now found our home…. Come and visit our lovely Naked Tan team today!

To contact us about consultations, products or appointments please call us on 1300 365 683 or email us at info@nakedtan.com.au.

Our offices are open from Monday- Friday from 9am-5pm EST for calls outside business hours please leave a message or send us an email.

Our Go-to Make Up Look

When you’re rushed for time every girl has a favourite make up look that she can slay on the go. Mornings are no time to be messing around with make-up so having a go-to look can be a life saver.

Our goal in life is to always look fresh and flawless- so how do we achieve that on-the-go? It’s easy, we promise!


Just make sure you use light coverage make up that will leave you with a dewy finish. The best way to assure your make up always looks on fleek is to really take care of your skin. Having great skin means you don’t need as much make up. Moisturising is a critical part of looking after your skin and getting a flawless finish when applying your make up.


(Photo credit: @MakeupbyShay

Use a moisturiser every morning and night and you’ll notice a difference in how your make up looks. If you need a bit more glow use our Naked Tan Instant Tan under your foundation as a base.

This product will illuminate your complexion and make you glow. After that all you need to do is use a light coverage foundation. We recommend the BARE Minerals Complexion rescue BB Cream. This product feels like butter on the skin and it’s a perfect match with our Instant Glow.

Your base is crucial but you cannot forget to bronze yourself up. We recommend MACS Give Me Sun Bronzer. Having a bit more colour will make you look more awake and give you some desperately needed colour (after all we are almost in winter). If you really want to finish off a look and SHINE SHINE SHINE!!!!

We like to use a highlighter on all the highest points of our face. Your cheek bones, on top of your eyebrows and the tip of your nose are the best places to use highlighter. To avoid your skin from looking tired use a finishing spray to brighten and hydrate your skin. We recommend the Skino2 Doctors Formula Hydrating Spritz to seal your make up and freshen your self up!


(Photo credit: @Mellodmakeuparist)

After that it all comes down to the eyes and brows. Use the Skino2 Brow Powder to make your brows more defined and to even out your shape. For your eyes we recommend to use smokey browns and golds as these colours will warm your look and make your eyes pop. If eye shadow isn’t your think don’t worry!

Placing highlighter near your tear ducts on your eyes will make you look more awake and brighten your eyes. But at the end of the day as long as you have your eyebrows groomed and you’ve got your favourite mascara/lashes on hand you’re good to go.

Be sure to follow both Mellod and Shay on Instagram and check out all their amazing make up looks. You never know you might just change up your make up routine and get inspired!

To purchase any Skino2 Doctors Formulated products go to www.skin02.com.au



The must-have travel essentials!

Winter is coming and we know most of you are ready to flee the country and go on either a European adventure, a beach holiday or off to America exploring all the sights. Wherever you’re going this winter- Naked Tan has your travel essentials covered!

The air conditioning on planes often makes people sick so remember to stock up on Vitamin C before your trip. The other downside to flying is the effect it can have on our skin, especially if you’ve got a tan! To make sure your skin doesn’t go dry, crack or peel be sure to have our Creme’ De la Creme’  handy in your purse to moisturise on the go. For your nights out pack our Instant Tan with you to shimmer and bronze up instantly. You’ll thank us when you’re busy getting ready and need a bit more glow on FAST!

When you’re travelling there’s nothing you’ll need more than a comfy pair of shoes. When you’re walking around and seeing the sights, one thing that can really be a mood killer is sore feet. So trust us, pack some sneakers and you’ll save on all those unnecessary cab rides and blisters.

DO NOT LOSE YOUR PASSPORT- There is nothing worse than losing important documentation on a trip away. So to make sure you don’t have a passport wallet. This will ensure you have all your travel documents in one place, making it less likely that you drop it or misplace your things.

Travelling is such a blessing and can be full of such amazing experiences. To make sure you don’t forget any juicy details bring a journal with you, and of course a camera. This way you can capture every moment and write about it. You’ll be sure to remember your Euro-trip 50 years on!!!!

We hope you all enjoy your holidays!!!

travel essentials


Don’t fear the Naked Tan Team is here!

Have you ever had a catastrophe with fake tan? Don’t worry you’re one of many!

Fake tanning in theory can seem like a simple thing- but in practice there’s so much that can go wrong if you don’t know what to do. Thanks to the Naked Tan Team you’re going to have all the secrets to getting a perfect tan every time! Our sales team knows everything there is to know about tanning, so we thought we’d ask them what are the top mistakes people make when using fake tan so that you don’t make them.

Abby: Account Manager

Abby’s Tan Tips

Abby is our tanning expert she knows all the secrets to getting a flawless tan. Key rules to live by when tanning are:

1. ALWAYS move in circular motions
2. To save your sheets: Apply baby powder over the sheets and this will absorb excess tan.


3. To stop arm pits from being affected during development, once tan is applied use a small amount of baby powder and pat into the underarms to help them not to sweat.
4. Baby powder has so many uses it can also be used on the feet to stop your tan being rubbed off from your shoes.

Our favourite Abby tan tip is:
The NAKED TAN Instant Tan isn’t just for your body. It can also be added to your foundation to darken the colour or to illuminate your skin and give you a dewy look. This is a great tip if you want to get some extra use out of your NAKED TAN products.

Ashleigh: Sales Manager

Ashleigh’s Tan Tips

Half the secret to getting a great fake tan is in the preparation, so when you’re in the shower exfoliating and getting your skin ready to tan.

For the love of tanning, do not… I repeat! DO NOT SHAVE THE SAME DAY YOU TAN!


Why you may ask? When you shower your pores naturally become open. When you tan straight after shaving what will happen is your pores will absorb the tan resulting in getting those unsightly tan dots everywhere you shave. So shave at least 24 hours before shaving to make sure you don’t ruin your tan.

Another big mistake people make when tanning is what they use on their body AFTER they tan. A lot of products bought from supermarkets will strip your tan and leave your tan dry and cracked. Be sure to use SLS free soap and a good moisturiser. Ashleigh uses our Crème De la Crème for the first three days and then uses coconut oil to keep her skin really hydrated (A winning combo).

 Aurelie: Sales & Marketing Manager

Aurelie’s Tan Tips

Have you ever had a tan-trum because you thought your fake tan washed off and didn’t develop?

Yes? Well, here’s why!

A lot of people when getting a spray tan will wait the 2 hours, wash the tan off and then panic when they’re not as tan as they’d like to be. Here’s why! When you wash off the tan you’re only getting rid of the bronzing agent. The DHA in the product (which is what gives you a nice colour) will develop with time throughout the day. So don’t panic-Patience is key!

Another great trick from Aurelie is to use our Gradual Tan. We know you’re all busy running the world, but if you want that Beyonce glow then tan and moisturise at the same time. After three days you’ll notice how soft and perfectly tanned your skin has become.

What’s in your bag?

Check out our bag of tricks!
A woman’s bag can hold many secrets and while usually you’re not meant to look, we thought we would share what we think every woman should have handy!

A woman’s bag isn’t just for her wallet, phone and keys, no, no, no! It essentially carries her whole life. So this is for the girls who like to be extra prepared for their day.

whats in your bag.


1. For all the girls on-the-go sometimes you just don’t have time to go back home after work or university. So if you get sudden dinner plans or after work drinks are a possibility, don’t worry we’ve got you covered!Have a spare pair of earrings in your bag- A stand out pair of earrings is preferable, they can make any outfit go from day to night.

2. A small clutch that can be used as a pouch during the day and a clutch at night. It can carry all your essentials so you don’t need to carry your bag around. So handy!

3. Do you have dry, pale and lack luster legs and need to go out? It’s OK, you don’t need to panic! NAKED TAN’s Instant Tan will give you the perfect last minute glow and keep your skin hydrated. So be sure to have this handy so you don’t get caught glow-less.

Capture 4

4. When you’ve been out all day touch-ups are a necessary part of being a girl- you adjust your lipstick, put on some extra perfume and have that emergency pair of shoes when your feet start hurting. The Mario Badescu Rose Hip Water is perfect when you need a quick pick me up from dehydrated and dull skin.

5. Failing to plan is planning to fail so having a day planner or a diary will make your life so much easier. Everyone is busy and sometimes you just can’t remember everything. So don’t forget your grandmother’s birthday- Just write it in!

Don’t get caught off guard! With these handy handbag tips you’ll never have to miss out.