Get your Summer skin ready now!

  • October 29 2014

SummerThis is happening! Summer has finally arrived and you have pushed all of your winter woollen coats and jackets to the back of your wardrobe in order to make way for pretty summer dresses.

Your biggest issue at the moment? Your pasty skin just doesn’t cut it for the summer beach weather and you need to be beautiful and glowing just in time for summer!

Naked Tan is coming to the rescue with products that will help to achieve a beautifully tanned look and be all ready and prepared to step out quick smart!

Follow the expert for a glowing summer skin!

STEP 1: Prepare your skin for a new tan. DSC_0153

To prepare your skin before a spray tan/home tan, use Naked Tan’s Goddess Body Exfoliator and Body Cleanser 24 hours before your tanning day. This will remove any leftover tan or dry skin to achieve a lovely and natural looking tan.

STEP 2: Tan like/by a pro!

Don’t forget to wear loose dark clothing to avoid your favourite clothes from getting stained after a tan.

If you do not have time to duck in your favourite salon for your weekly Naked Tan spray tan, or if you are always on the go, we recommend that you use the Goddess Self Tan or Goddess Bronzing Mousse. All you have to do is rub it into your skin and wash it off two hours later with Goddess Body Cleanser. Professional looking result guarranteed!

Want an even deeper tan? Use Goddess Gradual Tan daily to deepen your skin colour. For tanning addicts only!







STEP 3: Maintain your tan for longer!DSC_0139

Use Naked Tan’s Goddess Crème de la Crème to moisturise your skin daily. This will ensure  your tan lasts the distance and will keep looking its very best for longer!


Last but not least, make your skin shine and glow. Goddess-Instant-Tan-Small

Apply Goddess Instant Tan daily when wearing your summery mini skirts. You will achieve a natural bronzed glow instantly that will last until your next shower.

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