How To Remove Tan

Green Solution?!

Have you ever experienced your clients skin throwing shades of green or have poured your Naked Tan Spray Tan Solution into your tanning cup and have noticed it has turned green? If your spray tan solution pours or sprays green this means that your solution is out of date or has been exposed to sunlight. If you go ahead and spray your solution on a client their skin will not come out bronzed and beautiful however completely green!! It is essential that you keep your tanning solution in a cool place, under 25 degrees, as if it overheats this will also damage the tanning solution.


The Naked Tan Professional Range has a shelf life of 12 months and 9 months after opening. On your Naked Tan bottle there is an expiry date on the bottom, be sure to keep on top of this if you are not spray tanning regularly.


Occasionally you will get a client who has forgotten to take off their deodorant or perfume. You will notice this when spray tanning as those areas, under the armpits, neck or wrists will discolour to a green. When booking in your client always remind them to remove these beauty products. We recommend asking your client when she arrives for her spray tan if she has prepared for her tan correctly. To prevent this happening also have a towel or wipes on hand as many customers would have come directly from work.

True Benefits of Exfoliating

We all wonder, how do the celebs achieve that natural looking and evenly applied tan, EVERY SINGLE TIME? And when we all do it, there is that fine line between looking glamorous and looking like you’ve rolled around in Dorritos… There are so many tricks to the trade that is, fake tanning – but at Naked Tan we have invested in ensuring our Goddess Body Exfoliator replaces the need to search the web for pivotal hints, this product does all the work for you.

Naked Tan Goddess Body Exfoliator buffs and polishes the skin to prepare for a fresh new tan. This unique formula combines moisture-rich coconut oil, smooth grains and bamboo powder to gently exfoliate the skin removing all traces of dead skin cells. This is an essential step in self-tanning, as it makes it easier for the body to generate new skin cells daily.

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