What Makes Us Australia’s Favourite Tan?

If you are reading this blog, you are probably wanting to be convinced that our products are the bees knees. Well, you have come to right place! Because this blog post is all about celebrating our products and how they make you feel! So why choose Naked Tan? Read on and find out.

  • – No nano-particles, Parabens, SLS and alcohol. There are no nasties in our products, just good old-fashioned natural ingredients.
  • – Vegan Friendly and Cruelty free!
  • – We have a diverse product range and we are always coming up with innovative products! Have you heard about our Face Tan Mist (How did we live without it?)
  • – We have Professional tanning products– which means premium quality on your bodies biggest organ!
  • – We have a shade for every skin tone- if you are getting a Naked Spray Tan, we will colour consult you so that we can pick and create a beautiful colour for you.
  • – Our ‘Glow on the Go’ spray only needs to be left on for 20 minutes. We understand that the busy woman might not have time to marinate.
  • – All our other sprays in the Professional and LUXE range only need to be left on for two hours! This time saving element to our tans is a vital part of our ethos, because we want to accommodate the working woman, the busy girls and the mums on the go. We know how to make a fast-beautiful tan- after all we were the world’s first 2 hour tan!
  • – I wish you could smell our products through the screen! Both our retail products and solutions have a delicious coconut and vanilla bean scent.

    We work really hard on creating products that can make you feel beautiful, without much work. Comment below and let us know what you think of our products!

Difference between a Self Tan and a Mousse!?

If you’re new to the fake tanning game and are confused about the difference in tanning products Naked Tan are here to help! Over the years different textures and colours have entered the tanning industry. Finding the right sunless tanning product for your skin and needs is really important in ensuring you get the flawless tan!


Self -Tan and a tanning mousse are two very different products. Both tanning products will leave your skin golden and bronzed! The difference in the fake tan products however is that the Self Tan is a cream texture similar to that of a moisturiser whilst a tanning Mousse is a foam texture. The Self Tan Cream entered the industry first and is the product leader of DIY tanning. Self Tanning cream is popular amongst those who don’t feel as confident converting over to the foam. The Naked Tan Goddess Self Tan comes in one colour with a gentle 10% DHA, this means it will develop as a medium tan.


Fake tan foam is an easy product to use as the bronzer shows up on the skin clearly allowing for you to see the areas you have not yet applied fake tan to, meaning no streaky tans! Naked Tan offer two colours in this product the Tanned Bronzing Mousse and the Chocolate Bronzing Mousse. The tanned is the same colour as the Goddess Self Tan cream creating a medium tan whilst the Chocolate Bronzing Mousse is an ultra dark tan.


Both the Goddess Self Tan and Goddess Bronzing Mousse should be applied to the entire body and left on to develop a bronzed tan for 2-4 hours, then rinsed off and pat dried. When applying your fake tan be sure to use the Naked Tan Applicator Mitt for flawless results.


Can you mix LUXE with Naked Tan Signature Solutions?

At Naked Tan we love mixing our solutions. If you have a client who likes a deeper tan but still wants a fast result we recommend mixing the 20MIN Rapid Tan with our Signature Chocolate Solution. This will extend the tan to a 40MIN tan.




What is the maximum amount of time to leave the tan on for?

For our 2hr Water Resistant and Slimming Tan we recommend no longer than 4hrs. 20MIN tan can be left on for 1hr.




How many spray tans do I get out of 1L?

Your 1L bottle will give you roughly 20 Spray Tans.




What are the colour differences in each solution?

Slimming Tan – 10% DHA, 2HR TAN, Medium Tan, Reduces Cellulite, Promotes Blood Circulation. UP TO 3 SHADES DARKER!

Water Resistant – 14% DHA, 2HR TAN, Medium-Dark, Water Resistant, Sweat Proof. UP TO 4 SHADES DARKER.

20MIN Rapid Tan – 14% DHA, Infused with essential oils Medium-Dark. UP TO 4 SHADES DARKER.




Do you provide samples of your LUXE products?
Unfortunately we do not currently accommodate for sample sizes, however this is something we are looking into.





ELEVATE was established in 2016 and designed to assist aspiring models make their dreams become a reality. Based in Wollongong their vision is to create a strong Local Presence and expand nationally.

The founder of ELEVATE, Aleisha Brooke-Smith, has had a successful modelling career with outstanding achievements of Miss Sydney Australia, Miss Universe contestant, international modelling success in South America, Europe and Australia, several television commercials and more.

Naked Tan Ambassador, Tanning, Fake Tan, Best Spray Tan Wollongong, Wollongong Tanning

Tell us about yourself

I’m a South Coast Gal, a farmer at heart. I grew up on my family property in Jamberoo! I was blessed to have an international modelling career which enabled me to experience working and living in Europe and South America. After three years living abroad I decided I needed to come back home and study! Two years on I ended up with a Bachelor Of Communications, majoring in business management and journalism. Shortly after finishing my degree, I opened up a modelling and promotional agency here in Wollongong. I created Elevate to assist aspiring models in making their dreams become a reality!

How did you start as a social media influence and model


My career started when I was in high school, I was scouted in Syndey by an American modelling agency, they wanted me to leave school and pursue modelling, not to my surprise my parents wouldn’t allow it, they implemented to me the importance of education. I signed with a local agency, and one step at a time by career began to  progress.

Modelling has always been a passion of mine, I’m glad that with my knowledge and understanding of the industries demands I can dedicate my time to supporting the next generation of models.

What is your life Mantra?

She turned her cant’s into cans and her dreams into plans!

What is your greatest achievement?

Opening my own business – Elevate and helping people reach their full potential.

Why do you believe in Naked Tan?

It’s completely Australian owned and vegan friendly… but the products are all divine. It’s no wonder these products are now global!