The must-have travel essentials!

  • June 17 2016

Winter is coming and we know most of you are ready to flee the country and go on either a European adventure, a beach holiday or off to America exploring all the sights. Wherever you’re going this winter- Naked Tan has your travel essentials covered!

The air conditioning on planes often makes people sick so remember to stock up on Vitamin C before your trip. The other downside to flying is the effect it can have on our skin, especially if you’ve got a tan! To make sure your skin doesn’t go dry, crack or peel be sure to have our Creme’ De la Creme’  handy in your purse to moisturise on the go. For your nights out pack our Instant Tan with you to shimmer and bronze up instantly. You’ll thank us when you’re busy getting ready and need a bit more glow on FAST!

When you’re travelling there’s nothing you’ll need more than a comfy pair of shoes. When you’re walking around and seeing the sights, one thing that can really be a mood killer is sore feet. So trust us, pack some sneakers and you’ll save on all those unnecessary cab rides and blisters.

DO NOT LOSE YOUR PASSPORT- There is nothing worse than losing important documentation on a trip away. So to make sure you don’t have a passport wallet. This will ensure you have all your travel documents in one place, making it less likely that you drop it or misplace your things.

Travelling is such a blessing and can be full of such amazing experiences. To make sure you don’t forget any juicy details bring a journal with you, and of course a camera. This way you can capture every moment and write about it. You’ll be sure to remember your Euro-trip 50 years on!!!!

We hope you all enjoy your holidays!!!

travel essentials


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