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Tan Remover Mitt

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A must have for self tanners!

Easy to use dual sided Tan Remover Mitt has a smoother side for sensitive skin, and a more textured side for the removal of stubborn tan. Use to buff and polish the skin to prepare for a flawless tanning application. The dual sided mitt will effectively remove dead skin cells, old tan and assist in unclogging pores. Our go-to fake tan remover.

For best results

Shower/bathe in warm water for 10 minutes to soften your skin first. Do not use under running water, the Tan Remover Mitt works by creating friction between your skin and the material to buff away your old tan and dead skin cells. The black side is more abrasive than the blue side for use on any stubborn areas. Your skin should be free of oils when using the Tan Remover Mitt.